Bayonetta 2 a Nintendo Exclusive, here is what you can do…

If you are one of the many that felt “burned”, “betrayed”, or whatever you feel about the Bayonetta 2 being a WiiU exclusive, here is how you can show them your feelings with your wallet AND enjoy the game :D.

Who said showing them with your wallet means not buying the game and not be able to enjoy the game? Dont’ listen to the Nitendo Fanboys who never even played the first one.

Here are the simple steps to “get back” at PG and Ninty for being a prick. Since we know Bayonetta 2 isn’t launch title, nor does it even have a date yet, you can:

1. Buy the WiiU USED when Bayonetta 2 is about to release so that Nintendo don’t get a CENT for your purchase.
2. Buy Bayonetta 2 USED (you’ll see it in a week) so that PG isn’t going to get a CENT for your purchase.
3. Play and enjoy the game (if it’s any good) knowing that you never officially supported Nintendo/PG.
4. …
5. PROFIT! (and feel good) πŸ˜€

I encourage you spread this message out to everybody who is in “despair” over the Bayonetta 2 announcement, and hope this could help them sleep easier at night. (No sarcasm intended).

How would I know you’ll be able to get Bayonetta 2 used in a week? There will be people picking this game up for their kid/selfs who would instantly be disgusted for what’s in the game. Hyper-sexual, and serious religious references — all of which is super duper taboo in the United States. πŸ˜€

This will be the first and LAST post of this blog. Peace! Guess not the first/last. Just so much lovely and endearing responses. Hope to see more! πŸ˜€


98 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 a Nintendo Exclusive, here is what you can do…

  1. danny

    Stop bitch you know as well as I do no one hate’s Nintendo enough PG to boycott you will buy the game day one.

  2. Platinumgames is screwed.

    Seriously, I am sick of meaningless arguments like “If it weren’t for Nintendo…”, “Stop whining…”, “Stop Bitching…”. First of all, not everyone is a rich gamer, who can afford to buy another console AND the game itself, so before you post something, think twice, it make your argument seem less intelligent. And if the company DID consider and respect the royal fans of Bayonetta, they should never have consider releasing a sequel, by doing this, there will not be any fuss in the first place. By going Wii-U exclusive, they’ve made more haters more then they made new fans, is it worth it? $400-800 (Depending on your country, especially a NEW generation console.) is a lot of money just for A game and with this amount of money, i can easily get 4-5 more fun/interesting games (Than Bayonetta 2) in already owned console. If you are one of the “Stop bitching and just buy Wii-U and get on with it” that type of person, you might as well donate those chunk of money to Charity or throw it out to the sea, because by really buying it, you are really stupid enough to walk into Nintendo’s trap. I want to see who has the last laugh when you’ve completed the game and have no interest in other Wii-U games, your console is just going to rot. Dumb-asses, didn’t even bother to think before buying anything, it’s no wonder gaming industries is growing so fast, with a bunch of brainless idiots who keep falling into their trap.

      1. iProfessional

        Oh my, pit128 , a brainwashed fool. A person such as yourself calling that person with such a strong stance an idiot makes you no better. I’d say you’re either a 10-15 y/o or you’re spoil, brainless moron with a rich parent, use your puny rotten brain for once.

    1. EJ

      OH MY GID, I can’t believe there’s people as stupid as you in the world. “not everyone is a rich gamer, who can afford to buy another console AND the game itself” THEN DON’T BUY IT. You don’t NEED to play that game, you don’t even know it’s gonna be any good, there’s ONE other game in the “series” (if it can even be called a series), and guess what? The game wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for.. you know who. Why are you blowing this out of proportion so much?? You are probably too young to understand this but there was a series, a wonderful series of games about a bear named Banjo and his bird companion named Kazooie, and guess what? The company cut relationships with Nintendo and were bought by Micro$hit. It was shit, and when they made a new entry in the series I simply didn’t play it, I wasn’t gonna go through the trouble of buying a used console and game and then resell it to PLAY A GAME. Specially since I’m one of those not rich gamers, well in the end the game was horrible and Rare when to hell but, I DIDN’T PLAY IT. Did I die? NO. Did I feel worthless? NOPE. Did not playing that game (or any other exclusives that haven’t released on my consoles of choices) affected my life in any significant way? Guess what, NO IT DIDN’T. Did I go on a crusade to ruin the hard working developers that made games for other consoles? No. NO, IT’S JUST WRONG.

      I don’t know why you feel so entitled to get the game. But you’re not. In fact, from your attitude, I’d burn anything that gave you any form of entertainment. GET A LIFE.

    2. Christopher F Cheney

      Seriously many of you aliated Nintendo back in the day. Lets look… final fansty used to be on Nintendo console what happen? Company went where they can get more sells and cost less to make. You are only whining cause you don’t want to buy a console cause its NIntendo but its ok for others games to go to your console. but not Nintendo? Do you listen to yourself?

  3. True "CORE" Gamer

    Oh look another 360/PS3 fanboy that has to post his hateful message on the internet.

    Grow the fuck up already, as a PROPER “CORE” GAMER, I have a PS3/Xbox/Wii and when its released in Scotland i’ll have a Wii U.

    A “Core” gamer WILL buy all 3 consoles to support their respective companies.

    1. True "CORE" Gamer

      And just to clarify, my parents don’t buy me anything, i work for my purchases. When the Next xbox and PS are released i’ll buy them also, most likely the xbox first then the PS a few months after its release, as i’m not a big fan of most of their first party games!

      1. Casey

        They just pay for everything else? some people have lives and responceabilities that require their money spent else were, like bills. FUCK Nintendo! Not because of Bayonetta 2, (just a fraction of the fuck you nintendo part.) they have been fucking fans for a very long time. Atleast their american fans, i refuse to gave anything to do with nintendo. Idk how many games they have canceled in america that have been here since the first installment but is no longer released here. Atleast usa is getting bayonetta 2, ps3 and x box 360 fans are being fucked by nintendo again. HEY NINTENDO, next time you fuck us, give us make up so we atleast look fuckable. And to all those people bitching about pissed off bayonetta fans and nintendo fans, FUCK you too, go evoke yourselves.

  4. Bilk manard

    Firstly I’d like to thank True “CORE” Gamer for offering so kindly to buy everyone a Wii U

    Secondly if Nintendo do not as they say want to alienate Bayonetta fans why no allow Bayonetta 2 to be ported onto the other console but refuse to pay for it (Xbox and ps3 are not their concern) the cost of porting being covered through a kickstarter style campaign and then the fans wallets can decide.

    1. Kevin Douglas Femmel

      Coz they have a business to run. This isn’t something new, exclusives happen. People who can’t deal with it need to get use to it or stop playing games. It’s happened to Nintendo more than enough times in the past anyway.

      It would be a catastrophical stupid business decision to allow Bayo 2 on anything else and it will never happen and never should happen. These “core” gamers who are all up in arms about it can just wait a few years until they mature a little bit and stop caring about what platform X game is on, just caring about whether that platform is at the right price for them to buy it for the few games they want.

      These people can wait 5-7 years until the Wii U is $80 on craigslist and a copy of Bayo 2 is $5 at GameStop.

      1. Casey

        Happens to nintendo all the time because they are the most greedy game comp, and saying someone is more greedy then microsoft is saying something. Nintendo, plat games, and sega revert to lying to their fans because of all the hate they have been getting saying bayonetta 2 is only possible because of nintendo and sega has nothing to do with the game? Please you fucking morons (nin, sega, plat games), explain why the fuck sega is on the box as publisher??? Nintendo owns the rights? Nintendo is paying for the project? Sega has nothing to do with the project? The japanese are just smart enough to know “fanboys” aka nintendo fanboys are nieve enough to stand up for them if they coat it with lies to coushin the rage storm. Nintendo just needs to keeps their fucking noses out of shit and stay with their clasics since thats all nintendos good for, because we all know if nintendo gets their shitty hands on something then well never see it on another console if we even see it in america.

  5. jude

    you know what, i get it, you’re all mad, i was mad too, i bought bayonetta for the ps3 and i was hoping to do the same for it’s sequel, but it seems as if sega didn’t wish to publish the sequel. so really it comes down to whether you would have preferred platinum never release bayonetta 2 at all.

    1. Christopher F Cheney

      This is for Casey not you judge i comment towards him if i could. So you are saying Nintendo is greedy? has the least expensive console with the lease expensive games last generation. So can i ask how Nintendo effects xbox and ps owners? Cause Nintendo is not parnter with this people they there own compartion. your paying $60 for games that are not even worth $60 i don’t agree with price mark of games today. But they cost a lot of money.

  6. Rydia

    First Off, quit whining…Nintendo isn’t some evil, shadowy corporation like you all make it out to be. In fact, it’s probably more customer friendly than Sony and Xbox combined. The reason behind it’s failure with the Wii(which is actually the only console it did badly in, so many of you here today, were just pissed because it wasn’t what you’d expect it to be.), is because it was aiming for a younger audience. Something, thathalf of the people can’t understand because you’re too caught up in wanting more. You would still be argueing if this was an Xbox exclusive or a Playstation exclusive. Heck, the KH fanboys are already pissed about KH HD 1.5 being a ps3 exclusive. Also, this is a really stupid plan. Buying a used game would probably mean profit for the company because it would mean that someone who already bought the full game has just handed it over to someone else for a slightly cheaper price without the company having to waste money on shipping off more. Also, some of you don’t realise that Nintendo is just a publisher, it hasn’t got much to do with how the game is developed. The reason it’s not on any other console is probably because that console’s publisher didn’t want the game. Plus, Nintendo has lowered it’s consoles to reasonable prices, in fact it’s selling the Wii U for a cheaper price than what it should be worth. Sony however will probably never do that, instead you’ll be buying a playsation console that will most likely cost hundreds more and for what? Better graphics? The only thing that would change for Bayonetta, as a Wii U exclusive, is probably the graphics. However, I doubt it since Nintendo probably has enough graphical power. It’s stupid to say that Nintendo is the reasoning behind cancelled/”Japan only” games, that’s up to the developers(Nintendo usually releases all the titles it develops such as Mario, Metroid, Zelda). Sqaure Enix has probably been the worst for those gaming issues, it never released any of the Final mixes for KH outside of Japan. Also, during FF’s earlier years, it kept FFII III and V away from everywhere else too. That and a few others. Another thing, if some of you think that nobody going to get this game because they believe Nintendo fangirls/boys are all 10 year olds. Then I ask you, how many of you have experienced 6-13 year olds on COD…hmmm? Not even once? Trust me, Nintendo has a large fanbase of ppl who are above 13. If I was to get the stats, then there would probably be a higher percentage of Xbox and Ps3 fanboys/girls under the age of 12 than Nintendo. One more point, there is a high demand for Old-School gaming compared to the new “modern” gaming, so I wouldn’t bet on Nintendo going out of buisness for quite some time yet.

  7. TsuTsu

    I think it’s absolutely hilarious how poor you all are. Go out and get jobs or something, I dunno. That’s how I managed to afford a WiiU. Get off your lazy asses and get some money. I guess most of you are obviously underage though.

  8. TsuTsu

    Also, let me tell you why you guys aren’t just clearly underage, but are also retarded. If you’d done any research, you’d KNOW that the only reason we’re getting Bayonetta 2 on the WiiU is because Nintendo is the only company that wanted it. If it weren’t for Nintendo, we wouldn’t even be getting a Bayonetta 2. So get off your high horses and stop whining.

    1. Azroth

      90% of us are disagreeing with the douche who made this post, read the comments so you know everyone’s views before you start to blamm people. I would have liked the game to be on the 360 but I love Bayonetta and Nintendo, so i’m not going to complain.

      And alot of people who enjoy playing Bayonetta or a gaming platform probably are unemployed, because they’re in school or college, don’t presume that everyone is your age. And don’t try and fuel your argument by commenting on someone’s income, it just makes you look like a dick

      1. TsuTsu

        Then what about the other 10%? Maybe I’m talking to them? And that’s their fault then. I’m in University all day yet I can still have a night job, that’s their fault for being fucking lazy. “OHHH BUT I CANT WORK BECAUSE I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL AND DO HOMEWORK BAWWWW”.

        That’s not an excuse. That’s just being lazy.

      2. tyw214 Post author

        You probably didn’t even read the post, or understood this Boycott lol… I am not telling people not to buy the game or the console. I’m telling people to buy the game and console USED because Nintendo and PG dont’ earn anything from the secondary market lol…

        As a matter of fact, I really don’t even care if USED end up costing more (look at all those gougers on eBay), all I want to tell people to do is buy them used ^^; And after finishing the game, they should sell it back and get their money back :D. Now they just enjoyed their favorite game without paying too much for it!

        And let’s not bash poor people please? πŸ˜€

      3. refuse_

        I think we all understand the boycot. It just doesn’t make sense ..
        It’s the most stupid thing i’ve ever heard to want to play a game you like, but not wanting to support the ones who are making this possible.

  9. Nate Davis

    Sony didn’t make Uncharted. Microsoft didn’t make Halo. Facts. Nintendo didn’t make Bayonetta 2. Like Sony and Microsoft, they deal with ‘purchasable properties’. Kudos for Nintendo for going out and grabbing the bull by the horns. PG didn’t have the money and neither Sony nor Microsoft wanted it that badly. If you don’t like it, blame Naughty Dog, Rare, Bungie and all the other companies that have made system exclusives so they don’t become the next TH-fucking-Q.

  10. Tyler

    Another way to get them back is to bombard the game & console with negative reviews and tear apart it’s metacritic score, the gaming community does pay attention to metacritic scores.

  11. Zand

    Or you can just stop shedding tears and buy the fucking console if it’s bothering you so much. I despise people like you, if something happens that you don’t like, everyone else has to suffer. Grow up

    1. Tyler

      And how would everyone else have to suffer? Plus companies sadly don’t make much money with exclusive deals, specially with a company who’s console is already suffering low sales.

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  13. Donald

    Wait, you’re a fan of Bayonetta but you think the game’s gonna end up on the shelf of a store used in a matter of days? If you were a fan of the game you should have high expectations for the sequel. Besides, who cares about what system it’s on anyway? The Wii U isn’t that expensive and neither are external hard drives.

  14. Edison

    When it’s really narrowed down to the finer detail wii u can’t ever bring out the game. For one it never will feel right. Nintendo made a fatal mistake making it a wii u exclusive it will make less money than it did with the other systems. I know I won’t buy one system for one game that can rightfully be done to its respectful systems. And for Nintendo actions someone should go to one of they’re buildings and blow it up. And right in flames for an aircraft to read ” last warning” . It’s not like we are asking for Mario to jump to Sony or xbox. Just from my personal side Nintendo didn’t lift a finger to the first one so why should they make it theirs only. Nintendo should suffer for it. Before they release “wii u” copy the ps3 and 360 copies should be made as well.

    1. Christopher F Cheney

      Yes all comapiens work and making games there to other compaines…. you are comeplete joke. No one wanted to fund the game but Nintendo therefore its only going to be on Nintendo console. that like trying to make goldeneye on n64 to 360 and ps3 it didn’t happen lincesess agreement.

  15. Pte27

    What a miserable pathetic piece of work you are. I jump from xbox 360 to Wii U cause I’m so tired of those FPS crap they have there, why made a stupid assumption that all Wii U owner will never have played Bayonetta 1 before?. I will buy the game day 1 when it’s released. Oh, and get out of your mom’s basement once in awhile and get a life, how you got this much of a free time to make this article is beyond me.

  16. Super Mario

    How about getting a life, also shit for brains the original bayonetta didn’t do well in sales thats why they didn’t bother making a sequel which is why they are making the sequel on the Wii U as Nintendo is funding it you mong.

    So doing this sad attempt of trying to get back at Nintendo for funding the game as it would never of been released or created for that matter and Platinum Games for saying “oh yes thank you Nintendo for Funding this game when no one else would”, all because they broke your sad pathetic heart you dumb sack of shit is going to make any chance of more Bayonetta games unlikely.

    Get a life you stupid sad pathetic loser its just a video game. Thank Nintendo for bring it into existence on a console that doesn’t require you to spend a shit load on to play etc

    And whats the right way to play it? in your parents basement? Wow get a life you pathetic loser


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