Exceeded my expectation.

Wow… the overwhelming number of response is amazing. Btw, all comments has been approved, not going to delete a single comment. I don’t mind the Ninty defenders, or the PG defenders, or whatever you calling me stupid.

What would I be missing out if I buy the game used? or the console used? Nothing? Ok. Looks like you guys are crying that I am playing your NINTENDO’s console, AND your EXCLUSIVE Bayonetta 2 without paying them a cent?

I’ll be playing this game and enjoy it if it’s a good, PG/Nintendo just isn’t gonna be getting a cent from my enjoyment of their property, while saving a few $$ for a burger or something.



25 thoughts on “Exceeded my expectation.

  1. Eric Sellers

    Except you won’t.
    Because you’re not supporting the series you claimed to love, have proven that you’ve never been a fan of it in the first place, and are just doing all of this because you’re an ass-hurt Nintendo hater.
    So you’re a lying sack of shit, and the moment people discover what your Wii U tag is, nobody is going to add you.
    You’ll have a system with tons of social features and no one to share them with, and what’s even juicier is that if, by some random chance, anyone ever sees you playing the system, congratulations; you’ve just done some free advertising for Nintendo and the sequel to the game you only bought used to spite people with to salve your red, raw, bloody ass pains.

    Enjoy your extravagant amounts of fail.:P

    1. First Lastnameson

      Getting a Wii U used is the same thing as getting it new. You’re getting a Wii U. If Gamestop runs out of used Wii Us, someone will try to buy one and only have NEW as an option. Bam. You just made a sale of a new console happen.

      1. tyw214 Post author

        … lol do you really think I’m buying this from Gamestop? Ebay? Amazon? Craigslist?

        We are talking about 1 year+ down the road before we even see Bayonetta 2 in the West. There is going to be PLENTY of used WiiU on the market.

  2. luke

    you could try like, not caring.. its just a game.

    i played the first one on xbox, it was ok, i liked it. i am not sure about getting number 2, but it would not bother me if it was no wii u or not.. if you are actually someone who likes video games your going to actually play the game, and the whole thing about being a dipshit and buying it second hand. do you really think it matters?

  3. First Lastnameson

    Well wherever it is you buy it, Skippy, there’ll be one less on the market for other people who plan on buying it used. And from what I understand, preorders for the system are already completely sold out. Your little plan won’t make a difference at all. In fact, you’ve singlehandedly made the internet more useless with your little hate-site.

  4. Blacklightning

    So you’re saying you’ll have the last laugh by denying Platnium a portion of the profits that could later have gone into a multi-platform port, MGS:Substance style.

    Fanboys sure are wierd.

  5. Candice

    Like someone else said, you’re still going to be providing Nintendo with FREE advertising by playing it unless you happen to have no friends. And you’re still supporting the reason that Bayonetta 2 is WiiU only… and that’s so that you will own a WiiU and play the game. It doesn’t matter if Nintendo gets money specifically from you. They’re still getting you to own the system. Which is their goal. 😉

    Also, I like how none of the comments are supportive of your little boycott. What are you, 12? Just enjoy your life, and stop sweating the small stuff.

  6. tyw214 Post author

    I feel hurt from all these internet people telling me I am wrong. ;_;
    I hope you all feel better lol. Yes I am 12 years old. And I love crying about it. What are YOU going to do? I am satisfied feeling Nintendo/PG isn’t going to get my (my parent’s) money. That’s all it matters no? Just like how you guys feel it matters to beat down on a 12 year’s old blog ;(


    Why the Wii U!!!!
    I’m so upset!!!
    I’ve gone through 4 boxes of tissues and now using up all my toilet paper.
    I’ve got hurt feelings!!!

  8. i hope you die in a fire

    you do realize that if it weren’t for nintento, there would be no bayonetta 2 since no other companies wanted to publish.

  9. Groomp

    Good luck with your boycott. I really don’t care if you buy it used since it’s your money and besides that used copy was sold at least once so money did go to nintendo/PG anyway. Just make sure you buy it from ebay or something that isn’t gamestop. Those guys deserve the money even less.

  10. Paul Plaster

    considering the fact that most places are no longer doing preorders for the system OR the game due to how many they’ve already done in a 48-hour period, good luck FINDING one used, dude.


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