I apologize for not responding to all the comments

It just is too many people adoring this site, and I am very happy, but it’s just nigh impossible for me to read every single post and to respond to each one 😑 I tried to at least skim through them all to get a gist of the tone/mood of the commenter.

And I apologize for not using the best English in the world, since American education sucks. I came to the U.S. in 1999, and went to ESL classes in Sixth-grade, they didn’t teach me a lick of grammar 😑 I learned most of my English from playing Magic the Gathering with other people. Btw, a great card game! πŸ˜€

Here is something you guys may want to know:

  • My house is too small, don’t have a basement… So I can’t cry in the basement… Maybe a corner…?
  • I will have a WiiU and Bayonetta 2 (USED, EMPHASIS ADDED!)
  • I apologize you may not be able to laugh at me while you enjoy the game and I am not
  • I don’t hate Nintendo. I like Pokemon, and plans to get White/Black 2 πŸ˜€
  • I don’t hate anybody for loving the Wii
  • I am not desperate for intimate relationship/physical contacts 😑 sorry.
  • I am serious about what I am going to do! (buy the console/game used!). Why not? You guys got a problem with people buying used console/games now? 😦
  • This blog contains both sincere peace of mind and some sarcasm for comedic effect so it’s more fun/angry to read.
  • I don’t like “delicious tears of gamers”. What does it even taste like?
  • I don’t get high on trolling you all. I don’t know how that actually works…

Did I miss something?


56 thoughts on “I apologize for not responding to all the comments

  1. Reggie

    You really should be more mad at your precious Sony overlords for abandoning you rather than than at Nintendo for becoming the last bastion for hardcore games.

  2. Shigsy

    Okay did you know that without nintendo your precious little Bayo2 would never ever exist because sega and platinum got fucked over by sony and M$?

  3. Meh

    The owner of this site is a fucking crybaby, nothing more. Nintendo saved the game, by the way. So buy the Wii U, if you want to play the game and don’t whine. Absolutely cowardly this site and the reactions… I bet you are a 12 years old kid -_- it seems so…

    1. Blacklightning

      Just gonna nip this in the bud quickly and point out that isn’t the case – check his FAQ and you’ll find he claims to be a “a NYU dual major graduate”, which I can only imagine requires you to be quite a bit older than 12.

      Which in a way just makes the whole thing even sadder. Manbabies are wierd.

      1. Paul Plaster

        To be fair, there is no age requirement for such. However, that being said, in order to be 12 and have a dual major at NYU, you’d have to be far more intelligent than this guy.

  4. warerare@msn.com

    Hey there, cool blog I suppose. I understand you feel hurt about Bayonetta going to the Wii U as an exclusive and I know a lot of people probably felt the same way when Final Fantasy went exclusive from N64 to the PSX but some of the reactions to this including Twitter Death Threats (I understand not the same as real death threats) as down right indefensible. At the end of the day SEGA own the rights to Bayonetta and they cancelled the game because it just wasn’t going to sell enough to make them a decent profit. Nintendo came along and probably decided that in order to gain some faith back grom the hardcore gamer they would go out and fund a game stuck in development hell that these folks REALLY wanted. SEGA have allowed them to use their IP and Platinum Games of course agreed to continue work on a game they hold dear. Now Nintendo after doing all of this aren’t going to say hey you know what put this game on the other platforms too, its just not going to happen but at least we get an amazing game from a console manufacturer thats trying really hard to put things right with the people who felt alienated last gen.

    If you look at it one way you could be really pissed off and angry but if you look at it like I do you could just be really happy that we are getting this at all.

  5. Nick

    Yeah the guy is going overboard with the butt hurt, but don’t reasult to personal attacks against him or the game developers or Nintendo, shit like this happens all the time in the gaming world. it’s only a video game for crying out loud. And as others have said, without NIntendo steeping in there would be no game anyway, so I don’t get the anger, it’s the most stupid argument I’ve seen in a long time. If Nintendo want to fund a game for the Wii U that no other party wants, then so be it. If you’re angry it’s Sony or Microsost you should be mad at for not funding development. Anyway what is wrong with saving up and buying a Wii U, it’s going to have a lot of fantastic games

  6. mike

    . In one single moment your whole life can turn ’round
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    But you’ve got to walk away now
    It’s over

  7. Paul Plaster

    I do have a serious question, based on this blog post, I would like a response to – If you like Nintendo, as you claim to, then why is it bad that Nintendo (a company you supposedly like) is making a game exclusive to their new console that never would have seen the light of day on PS3 or 360? Why do you feel the need to force yourself and others to buy the system and game used, so as to not support two companies you claim to like?

    Also, by the definitions you gave in your first two blog posts, we can now confirm you’ve never played the first one – you own a Nintendo console, which means you’ve never played Bayonetta.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I hope you at least looked in the picture ;x it’s a shot of my room with some of my stuff.

      As for your first question, there is a saying “ignorance is a bliss.” It’s a perfect example here. If it didn’t existed in the first place nobody would of raged/angry. However, the game did exist, and by virtue of being an Nintendo exclusive it has just alienated a ton of fans of the original game.

      Yes, There are people who has Nintendo console that likes Bayonetta
      Yes. There are people that won’t be able to afford the luxury of two consoles.
      Yes. There are people who will get WiiU just for Bayonetta 2.

      As i’ve said, buying the console/game used is the only way I can compromise myself to be able to play Bayonetta 2. This game isn’t a launch title. Doesn’t even have a date. Used WiiU when this game comes out will be easy to find.

      Some people may find it stupid, or can’t understand the reason. But I mean, do you understand why people smoke? Why people drink? Why people do the stuff they do?

      1. Tru_Blu_Gamer

        Yes I do smoke and if Nintendo ever comes to exclusively makes Marlboro’s I wouldn’t mind.
        As long as I am still getting my Marlboro’s and my nicotine highs. The thing is why would I cry over a product that I like if it’s made by a different company. It’s better that they make Bayonetta 2 and not make it at all, seriously all this ranting about Bayonetta 2 being an exclusive is really stupid and childish. If you’re a fan, you’re a fan and that’s it. If you’re not then don’t buy it if you count the people who complained about exclusives it should be the Nintendo fans like me for not having these so called “HARDCORE GAMES” on the Wii but have heard any Wii fanboys making death threats to game developers? No? I think so, because a gamer is a gamer no matter what.

      2. Paul Plaster

        Yeah, I saw your pic, and I saw the DS – a Nintendo console. As such, you’ve never played the original Bayonetta, by your own definition earlier in the blog.

        Second, you didn’t answer my question at all – why is it a bad thing that Nintendo (a company you like) is making a game? If you like Nintendo, and like Bayonetta, there is no logical reason I could see for you having any issue with this. Think about it – you can’t say you like Nintendo but have no plans for ever buying the WiiU. You’d be lying about one or the other. As such, if you’re going to be getting the WiiU, I don’t see how any of it could be an issue. I could see a little bit if you absolutely were not going to get one under any circumstances, but that would be your fault, not Nintendo’s or PG’s.

        Third, if you don’t know the date the game will be released (and it’s confirmed before the end of March – you’d know that if you actually watched the press conference), how do you know used WiiU’s will be available? Wii’s weren’t readily available for used purchase for almost two years after launch, and the WiiU is selling faster than the Wii already. As such, I’ll be enjoying Bayonetta 2 LONG before you get to touch it.

        Finally, of course people can’t understand your reason – I asked you outright to explain it and you avoided the question. Even YOU don’t understand it, apparently.

      3. tyw214 Post author

        Of course I don’t understand why I *HAVE TO* go about this way to play Bayonetta 2 (Used console/game) makes it the justification for myself… I am just compelled to do so. Ask someone who smokes, why do you smoke? Ask someone who is alcoholic, why do you drink?

        I had a Wii, it was a barren field for someone who likes jRPG, and Japanese action/adventure games in general (TOS: DotnW, Onee-chan bara [x360 port], Xenoblade, Last Story), as well as a crappy console someone who regularly imports (Region lock). See my imported copy of Bayonetta in the picture.

        From the track record of Wii, it is a reasonable assumption for a person to not be interested in the WiiU if one indulges in the aforementioned list of criteria., and to have no plans to acquire the console. If it were on the 3DS Exclusive it wouldn’t be of a such a big deal because I know from the DS experience, there are PLENTY of stuff I like on that. The Wii? Not so much. Are you going to go McDonald expecting they serve Fried Chicken?

        And I believe Bayonetta 2 will not be released by the end of March 2013. Unless of course you can point me to a source. I’ve also compiled a list of games that WILL be available by the end of March 2013 to refresh your memory.

        If you have any question, I’m more than happy to answer.

      4. Groomp

        Let’s say Nintendo did not decide to publish bayonetta 2. The game still was planed but sega didn’t really wanted to publish it like happened according to the developers. Now, what if Microsoft or Sony stepped in and said “we see potential in this game and want to get it in the launch window of our next gen system being PS4/xbox720. It would be an exclusive for the system”. If any of them did that would you still FEEL betrayed by the developers? Other players that can’t have more than one console(whitch it seems you are obviously wealthy enough to have more than one) would have to upgrade from their ps3’s and xbox360’s. Would that make you FEEL good when you give money to the developers/publishers?

      5. notoriouslynx

        Jesus Christ, man. You sound like some retarded high school sophomore who just discovered philosophy class. “Hey, man. Have you heard of ‘ignorance is bliss’. You’re totally ignorant, man. Let me smoke my budds. Rhetorical question? Rhetorical question? Hope you see my point but I respect your’s, manbro.”

      6. souleater98

        You DO know that it’s Sega’s fault that Bayonetta 2 is not going to be released on the PS3/360? If anything, you should be boycotting Sega,or Microsoft or sony, NOT Nintendo who saved the franchise because SEGA, MICROSOFT, OR SONY did not want to publish the game.

      7. Paul Plaster

        @author – you STILL avoided the question. You have yet to actually tell me why it’s bad that Nintendo is getting B2 as an exclusive. Did you know that Metal Gear Solid started life as an N64 title, continuing of the Metal Gear series that was a Genesis/SNES multiplat? As such, if it’s so bad that B2 is a Nintendo exclusive, I hope you don’t own any Sony consoles.

        No Nintendo fans threatened to kill Kojima over such.

      8. tyw214 Post author

        Nintendo getting B2 as an exclusive is bad for me because it does not fit the bill of what I looked for in a console based on its last iteration known as Wii. What I looked for in a console is:

        1. Lots of jRPG (Unlocalized is fine too since I can understand JP). I.e. Hyperdimension Neptunia, Atlier Series, All the Agarest Senki, NamcoBandai Tales (Vesperia, Graces F, Xillia), Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea, etc.
        2. Lots of Japanese action/fighting games (like Dynasty Warriors/Samurai/Orochi Warriors, BlazeBlue, etc.)
        3. Being import friendly. (PS3 Games being the most import friendly without a question).

        And PS3 being able to have other old PS/PS2 classic, which holds a vast amount of jRPG as well is a huge perk. Brave Fencer Musashi was awesome!

        For someone who preferred a console with the above criteria, I don’t know how any other way but to say Nintendo having B2 as an exclusive is just bad for me. Having to have an extra console $400+ to play one game is a debatable investment. Obviously, I am using Wii as a “baseline” comparison to the Wii U, but if I am looking at all the so far announced games, there is not a single jRPG announced, KT announced warriors series, but they are remakes, and Ninja Gaiden which will be Multi-platform. Do you see me going in length talking about those KT titles? No. Because they are multi-platform.

        Obviously, you can just easily retort with Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2 because it wasn’t going to be made. For that, I really have no solid answer, but to say I didn’t even know Bayonetta 2 was going to exist in the first place.

  8. Pingas

    “Play Bayonetta 2 the ‘right way'” So playing it on weaker hardware is the “right way” to play Bayonetta 2? Whatever, you’re an idiot.

  9. Dan1

    You are an idiot, owner of this blog.

    You do realize Nintendo is the only reason you’re even getting a sequel, right? They picked up the game AFTER Sega cancelled it.

    And boycotting the game won’t help YOUR entitled demands. See, if Bayo2 sells bad, then you can count on the series to never appear anywhere else. Again.

  10. Ashlynx (@Ashlynx4)

    WHY would you do this ;___; wouldn’t you want to give money to your favourite franchise so that they can grow and make better games *cough*viewtifuljoe3*cough* regardless of what console there on. I gladly bought PSP (a console i dont care about) to play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep because I like the KH franchise, which is a bad analogy because there are other KH games on other systems, *but i guess if PG got the money from these sales then they be able to make B3 multiplatt or make some extended cut version*

  11. Pocky

    If you were TRULY a fan of the series you would play on ANY console regardless. So what you’re doing is just plain stupid. Nintendo SAVED Bayonetta. SEGA wasn’t going to publish Bayonetta 2 and as a result the project was CANCELLED. Nintendo offered to publish Bayonetta 2 but obviously it would mean it being exclusive to the Wii U. I’m pretty sure if you were a game developer you would say yes to whoever decides to publish your project if the original publisher decides to not publish it. You should be thanking Nintendo for saving Bayonetta not being a kid about it.

    By not supporting the console the game wil be on, meaning buying BOTH console and game new, you’re basically contradicting yourself as being a big fan of Bayonetta.

    That is all.

    1. Paul Plaster

      He isn’t a fan of the series – when asked to explain why it was bad, he avoided the question. He’s just a moron, who hasn’t even looked at this place since, because he know’s he’s been caught as a moron.

  12. web

    So your grand plan is to make sure Nintendo and platinum games makes no profit frin this game insuring they never make another Bayonetta game again? Wait, do you like the series or do you hate it I can’t tell…

  13. grow up

    All of this because something did not go your way? Damn just buy a Wii U. This world is a sad place I tell you. I guess we should boycott all the sh it developers release because things didnt end up the way we wanted. Get a fucking grip dude who died and made you entitled to get what you want how you want it when it comes to video games. Fucking spoiled brats must have never grown up without. This is the most ridiculous shit I’ve heard since making Bioware change ME3 ending. Dude you’re a pussy sorry.

  14. Joel Reimer

    Hey man I am wondering what you actually want to accomplish with this? You don’t want Nintendo to have hardcore games and insist on the company only making games for children, soccer moms & elderly ?

    Why are you upset that Nintendo saved a game that had been cancelled? How can you possibly be upset that Nintendo took their own money and saved a game that was tossed in the trash? You yourself in this very thread say you will purchase Bayonetta 2 and play it. But instead of thanking Nintendo for saving the game you will play you want to tell Nintendo to never save another game again.

    You would rather not play Bayonetta 2 at all then play it on a WiiU? Sounds like you aren’t a Bayonetta fan at all to be honest. You would want the team working on Bayonetta to lose their jobs and not be able to feed their families all because you are so narrow minded you cant play the game on a different controller?

    How do you think this boycott will benefit the industry or even yourself? Encouraging companies to cancel games rather then put them on a viable platform? That’s a dick move against all Bayonetta fans! Do you think Nintendo cares at all that a customer who doesn’t buy Nintendo products in the first place is going to decide not to buy WiiU? Nintendo has nothing to lose with your boycott the only ones who can be hurt are Bayonetta fans. If Nintendo doesn’t gain any customers well it was worth a shot. Bayonetta gets permanently shelved never seeing a Bayonetta 3 and Nintendo keeps making billions off Mario.

    Seriously its hard to respect this view. Yes I used to be considered a Ninety fanboy but later realized it wasn’t Ninety I loved it was the games.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I never said I dont’ want Nintendo to not have hardcore games. This site would of never existed if Bayonetta 2 wasn’t exclusive. I could care less if WiiU gets Bayonetta 2 along with any other platform, PC/PS3/Xbox360.

      1. Lorenzo Tierra

        OK, but you are contradicting yourself. And the Bayonetta series is not “hardcore.” “Hardcore games” are western and ultra violent.

  15. rich

    So when nobody buys it first hand, How are you able to buy a 2nd hand copy?

    And when it sells around 15 copies world wide, and bayoneta 3 is released exclusively on Android wil you then sell your phone?

    Look at previous Nintendo 3rd party exclsuives:
    Madworld – Ps3 release
    No more heroes – ps 3 release
    Little kings story – ps vita release
    Resident Evil 4 – ps2, pc, wii release

    See the trend, i’ll be a timed exclusive (despite what they say) to get fans to but the console, after a year it’ll be re-packaged on ps and xbox (which gen? i dont know)

    So your statemant of buying a wii u, to then buy bayonetta 2nd hand to stick it to good ol’ ninty again is flawed.

    Just enjoy the fact where getting Bayonetta 2, nintendo are attracting hardcore gamers and you can still spend Β£150 on dlc


    1. Pocky

      It won’t be a timed exclusive. It’ll be completely exclusive as by Nintendo publishing it they own the publishing rights completely to Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta 3 may be multiplat if Bayonetta 2 does well on the Wii U and Platinum Games can get another publisher but Bayonetta 2 much like Mass Effect 1 being a 360 exclusive won’t see the light of day outside of the Wii U.

  16. Another die-hard Bayonetta Fan

    Your a fucking idiot.
    Sega cancelled Bayonetta 2.
    Nintendo helped chip in, in return making it exclusive.
    So without Nintendo we wouldn’t even be getting Bayonetta 2.

  17. [CMD] DEATH

    That is pretty funny how butt hurt he is! He’s a Ninty hater and loves Bayonetta but won’t play it cause it’s on a Ninty console, poor butt hurt little dude, sorry but if you don’t support it then you may never get a 3rd one on any console… Ever… Again, so say goodbye too it. *waves goodbye* πŸ™‚ you still have a chance! Or do you? I may try it.

  18. wipeurassonpicturesideofdiskbeforesellingB2

    Do you have a loft ?

    Bayonetta 2 would not even exist without Nintendo contributing a sum towards the development costs. This whole charade is futile. No-one except the very curious (myself included) will even look at this.

    Anyone buying ‘Used’ consoles and games from shops will let those shops know that there is demand for those goods and keep the interest in stocking those products. The game will have been bought initially but a few sales will be lost and thats inevitable. Some people haven’t got enough wealth to afford new or like to have soiled goods, whatever.

    IMPORTANT: – I urge everyone selling Bayonetta 2 on ebay after playing it to death before this guy to sneeze into the box and wipe their arse on the picture side of the disc.

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