OH and btw…

Forgot to make all comments automatic approve šŸ˜” WordPress dont’ like spams.. the default is to only allowed authors of comments that have been approved before post comments. But Now I have changed it since it’s almost impossible for ONE (12-year-old as some posters points out) to handle these couple hundreds messages by oneself.

P.S. I think a lot of people aren’t reading the blog, and just posting, that hurts me šŸ˜¦ I spent a whole 10 minutes writing it up, and I hope you read it before jumping to conclusion that I won’t be buying the WiiU or the game. I DO. But just used!

Maybe I could even get a modded WiiU for… you know what šŸ˜€ Some people call this author crazy, childish, stupid, butt-hurt, or whatever. Maybe so, but it’s a matter of principle. Do I really care about that extra $100 for the system and game new? of course not. It’s the fact that I know I didn’t pay the money to PG/Nintendo for it. That’s all it matters to me. The seller may very well use it for another game, great for him/her. In the end, what it really matters, is HOW I FEEL. And that’s the only way I could see myself justify buying the system/game. A compromise I would say.

I own the Wii. I only had Tales of Symphonia: Radiant Dawn (Dawn of the New World, oops ^^;) and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Had the system for 3 years+, 2 games, spent about 50 hours in all. Was it worth all its hype? Definitely not. I sold the system, everything with the two games to a close friend for 100 bucks. I played Xenoblade and Last Story on Dolphin. They were all right. Enjoying Persona 4 Golden (imported) on the PSV very much atm.

The Wii left a bad taste in my mouth, which could be the reason, and also the fact Bayonetta 2 went exclusive. Mass Effect went to PS3 when the first one wasn’t on it, but guess what? It was still a multi-platform where the original system still had the sequel. That’s the difference. I mean nobody would of raged (or less raged like FFXIII was to go multiplat) if they said Bayonetta 2 was going to have WiiU as well as a target platform. No, that was not the case, it is to be an exclusive. See how nobody raged about COD or ME on the WiiU? Because other system still get it.

Maybe I am an ass, stupid person. If PG wanted to expand the platform, why not make it multiplatform? I know Nintendo paid for it, if PG really is out there taking of their fans, wouldn’t it be at least courtesy to outsource the port to other platform? I played the original imported PS3 copy, it had some bad frame rates, but I still managed to beat the game on the higher difficulties (not the non-stop climax, but one below it). I’d take a port over a no-port any day.

Enough of my solo talk. Let the hate/comment/flame/whatever you want to spit this way begin :D.


14 thoughts on “OH and btw…

  1. Don

    Wow… What an idiotic website. I have pity for whoever is running this POS site.

    There is literally NOTHING you can do about Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U. Grow up already. Seriously. Accept the reality of how a business works and maybe one day your eyes will open.

    But whatever, this site is keeping you busy and giving you a false sens of hope, leading you to believe you actually have a say in whats going on.

    Haha wow…

  2. Blacklightning

    I don’t know why I’m even entertaining the thought of taking you seriously when you’re clearly jacking off to people calling you out for being retarded. But the hypocrisy of claiming people aren’t reading your posts properly when you’re clearly ignoring previous comments that have already debunked damn near every point you’ve posted since the start is too hilarious NOT to point out.

  3. ~D~

    “I only had Tales of Symphonia: Radiant Dawn and Super Smash Brothers Brawl”
    I completely disregarded your opinion after I read that. You are one stupid motherfucker if you only played those 2 games and then think the Wii was bad. I haven’t even played the original Bayonetta and I’m happy that it’s WiiU exclusive. Not because I like Nintendo or the Original Wii or the WiiU, but because some of you idiots wont play it simply because it’s on the WiiU. I love seeing people be dumb asses in public.

  4. Kaz Hirai

    Excellent work you’re doing!

    I really appreciate all the support you are giving to the Plastation brand, and all the free counter-PR you are doinfg for us against Nintendo!

    I still remember you from that night in that hotel in Tokyo. Your asscheecks were some of the best I’ve ever felt, and I remember how you told me nobody fucked them like me before.

    Thank you once again for your unquestioning loyalty to Playstation, and remember to purchase the Playstation Vita, the best investment in a handheld console you can find anywhere!

    It truly is worth it to be loyal to Sony!

  5. Tyler

    Man, this is one of the most stupid and childish websites I visited in months. You care so much about the game, but you don’t want the people to support PG by buying it? Really clever. That’s the way you make sure, that there won’t be more sequels. It’s like saying “If I can’t have it, nobody should.” Like I said – that’s childish.

  6. You're a Dumbass

    You do realize Bayonetta 2 was canceled and Nintendo is paying for it to be revived? Right? Would you rather Bayonetta 2 be dead?

  7. justagun

    There is no such game as Tales of Symphonia: Radiant Dawn.

    There is Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

    Really does make people question your credibility (besides all the other bullshit).

    1. tyw214 Post author

      My bad on my part. I remember something “Dawn”. I dont’ think I have stated anything here as fact lol. Though I don’t think anyone invovled in this discussion has stated any fact besides Bayonetta 2 is for WiiU Exclusive.

  8. RoiDesCouers

    Honestly, this is one of the most trivial and whiny bits of blither on the internet. As a previous reply stated, Nintendo is forking out dough to revive the Bayonetta project which was canceled years ago. So yes cry, whine and shout “Fuck you” to Nintendo for giving you what you wanted. And don’t cry over it being a Wii U exclusive since the Wii U is actually a great console. Before ranting, raving, crying, whining or whatever it is a 2 year old does when throwing a fit, please, check your facts, try the console you’re bashing so you can have some sort of reason, and just do it in a forum instead of creating some worthless hate site that only draws the attention of other whiners and those of us who will stomp on your face after mind-fucking your pointless drivel to smithereens.

  9. RoiDesCouers

    And by the way, buying used or new, Nintendo and PG already got their money. Learn a little about the retail process while you’re exercising your brain in ignorance.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      There is obviously nothing can be done about initial shipment. But if people do plan to buy used, there will be less pre-order, and less pre-order is less initial shipment. And if initial shipment dont’ sell through, there is no reason to re-stock šŸ˜€


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