Bayonetta 2 DO NOT have a release date; not a launch/launch window title.

I dont’ know why some commenters keep thinking Bayonetta 2 is launch title or it’s so close to release date that there won’t be any WiiU for used…

These are the games slated to be released from launch day till the end of March, 2013:

-Nintendo Land (Available free with the 32GB model)
-Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge
-Sing Party
-Wii Fit U
-The Wonderful 101
-Pikmin 3
-Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
-007 Legends
-Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts
-Wipeout 3
-Skylanders Giants
-Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
-Transformers Prime
-Aliens: Colonial Marines
-Sonic & All-Stars: Racing Transformed
-Trine 2
-Tank! Tank! Tank!
-Tekken Tag Tournament 2
-Wheel of Fortune
-Darksiders II
-Funky Barn
-Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
-Scribblenauts Unlimited
-Game Party Champions
-Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
-Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
-Ben 10: Omniverse
-Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game
-Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade
-Zumba Fitness
-New Super Mario Bros. Wii U
-Game & Wario
-NBA 2K13
-Jett Tailfin
-Madden NFL 13
-FIFA 13
-Mass Effect 3
-Toki Tori 2
-Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
-Just Dance 4
-Avengers: Battle for Earth
-Rabbids Land
-Assassin’s Creed 3
-Rayman Legends
-Sports Connection
-Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
-Nano Assault Neo


Personally, July-November 2013 Window is most likely for Bayonetta 2. Which leaves anyone plenty of time to get a discounted second-hand console…


22 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 DO NOT have a release date; not a launch/launch window title.

  1. Seth

    For someone who’s boycotting this, you’re paying a lot of attention to the Wii U’s release. May I ask you, why exactly do you feel this way about Bayonetta 2 being exclusive for the Wii U, yet you claim that you don’t hate Nintendo?

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I dont’ hate the Nintendo. I own the DS. The Wii left a bad taste in my mouth with their actual HW console. For a JRPG/Japanese Action games (dynaysty warriors, DMC), how many games were on the Wii?

      I played ToS:Radian Dawn, Xenoblade, Last Story, and Oneechan-Bara. The fact that the Wii isn’t region free doesn’t help either because I can’t easily import games, where the PS3 has the biggest advantage for anyone that’s avid JRPG/Japanese games. This isn’t even an opinion. PS3 is hands down the most import friendly console.

      I hate the fact that this game went exclusive on Nintendo’s console. I imported my Bayonetta 2 (as you can see in the picture above) which I paid like nearly $80 including shipping and exchange rate, so I could play as early as possible. That would most likely not even be an option for me for Bayonetta 2 unless I import a WiiU console. All of these concern makes up the reason that I am writing about it now.

      Also, the old saying goes “know your foe,” so that I know the launch titles/windows so I know I can pickup the console at discount from used. In addition, if I am not following the news I wouldn’t be mad would I? I’d be ignorant.

      1. Seth

        Since the SNES, Nintendo home consoles had little RPGs, but there is a ton of others genres to play. I agree on you with the PS3 having more RPG’s and being import friendly. However, this still doesn’t make much of any sense to me. You’re against Bayonetta 2 being exclusive and in order for you to experience it without supporting Platinum Games and Nintendo’s choice you’re buying it used. Nevermind the fact that you’re spending a ton of money still, what exactly is your point? Are you just getting it for just one game?

      2. tyw214 Post author

        Exactly. Buying it just for one game. There was never any “good” way to Boycott. Most if not all Boycott ended with one unable to experience the product. However, video game is a different beast because of its robust secondary market which allows for the principle of Boycott to take effect without the draw back (unable to use the product).

      3. Paul Plaster

        You do know that ToS refers to Tales of Symphonia, right? Not Fire Emblem, of which Radiant Dawn is a game in?

        Also, you didn’t ever say why it’s bad that Nintendo is getting Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive, nor have you actually shown anyone saying it’s a launch window game in the first place? You should be PRAYING it is a launch game if you want to get a used copy for your stupid boycott that isn’t a boycott.

      4. tyw214 Post author

        Yes, I apologize for the mistake. I have since corrected. I was referring to Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the new World.

        Here is a quick search in the dashboard for the comments to answer your second question:
        Quote: “Well since bayonetta 2 is a Launch title,,, Good Luck getting a wii U Anytime before Xmas used rofl..”
        Quote: “(and it’s confirmed before the end of March – you’d know that if you actually watched the press conference)”

        Maybe I missed some.

  2. Tooi

    Do you know that boycotting it will probably be worse for Bayonetta? If it doesn’t sell well you’re LESS likely to see a sequel, Wii U exclusive or not. Also, I don’t like how you classified the people who said “WiiU is getting hardcore games and you people complaint?”

    1. “You probably never even played the first Bayonetta.” – Just like you said that the SEGA dropping it thing was just a rumour, I hope you have proof that people “probably never even played the first”. I know quite a few people who have played the first and are planning on getting a Wii U and Bayonetta 2.

    2. “Why are you even concerned about this game? Nobody is bashing the WiiU console, we are talking about the game, you probably don’t even play these type of games.” – Again, where’s your proof? Making statements like that is stupid if you can’t back them up. (but then again, you’ve already proved how stupid you are with your “plan” being worse for the Bayonetta IP than supporting the game and helping it to live on).

    3. “Nobody buys a Nintendo console to play DMC/God of War/Assassin’s Creed” – Wow, a definitive statement? Firstly, God of War is Sony only, secondly, I’m buying a Wii U and getting Assassins Creed 3 so that already disproves your statement and lastly, for someone who pretends they’re a fan of the series you’re certainly not doing much to help it. I mean, come on man, Nintendo are trying to get the “core” (hate that word) fans back with great 3rd party exclusives and mature games and yet you still are set on the fact that Nintendo shouldn’t have these sort of games. Look, I understand how some fans can be upset by this, but what you are planning to do isn’t the answer man lol

    I’d love to read your response to this.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      1. Yes. It was a rumor, and what I stated is fact-less conjecture. Like I said, “probably.”
      2. Same as the first. As a rule in argument, generalization is a bad thing, and I should not have generalized so much. But, if we are to make a survey of EVERY SINGLE Wii owner in the world, I think over 50% of the Wii owners are not in it to play hardcore action games. Agree? Disagree?
      3. See #2.

      Of course, all of this is just my theory, but in all likelihood if you pooled the game preferences of ALL Wii owners, you are less likely to find someone who is buying the Wii for hardcore action hack/slash games vs a PS3/Xbox360 owner. You are free to disagree, but in all Wii’s year that I’ve been following the industry news, it is very much the case with the Wii.

      1. Tooi

        Yeah, I agree with you on most people who buy the Wii probably wasn’t for these sort of games but what I didn’t agree with was your generalisation (which you already admitted to so I’m cool with that).

        To be fair, I do know a lot of people who see the Wii as a living room console for Wii Sports etc and not a gaming console so I see where you are coming from but I just don’t think you can make a judgement about the Wii U and Bayonetta 2 yet just based off the Wii. Nintendo admitted their mistakes and are trying to fix them with Wii U. Who’s to say Many PS3/Xbox360 owners like what they are seeing with Wii U games and end up buying one?

        Of course, I could be totally wrong but in regards to Bayonetta and Wii U, can’t you at least give it a chance and support it? You don’t seem like such a bad guy but your previous cocky comments did hit a nerve (I apologise if I sounded like a douche in my first post). You were probably just upset with the route Nintendo seemed to be going with the Wii ( I love my Wii but it was definitely marketed as a family product which put off some people.) Yet I expect the Wii U to be completely different. Maybe I’m just too trusting off Nintendo. 😛

      2. Corey

        Nintendo obviously thinks their customers would like to purchase and play the Bayonetta sequel, why else would they be willing to plop down the cash to get the game finished?!

        If Nintnendo didn’t think the game would sell well, they wouldn’t waste the cash to get the game finished.

  3. Tenebrae

    Ok, dude, you have to think seriously on this, you are being so childish right now.

    First of all, you have to consider the impact you have in the market.

    SEGA DID cancel Bayonetta 2 because of budget priorization, Nintendo rescued the game by putting THEIR money in the project. Neither Sony nor Microsoft seemed interested in rescuing the game, so you should be angry at SEGA for having economy issues or Microsoft or Sony for not rescuing the game, not Nintendo. You sound like if it was better if there was no more Bayonetta than being a Solid-existing Nintendo exclusive.

    Now, if you want to buy a used Wii U, I see no issue there, as you probably don’t care about Nintendo and their franchises.

    But, you are a Bayonetta fan, if you buy the game used you are doing a really bad thing to Platinum Games, which are the developers of the game. You are not “teaching them a lesson” you are telling them “Your game is good, but it doesn’t deserve to be bought original” and/or “I will enjoy THIS game, but I don’t give a f**k about the franchise and neither I will if you make another game”.

    TL;DR, buy the Wii U used, no problems, but buy the game original if you really care about Bayonetta at all.

    Buying used games is undesirable for publishers, but it’s really bad for developers. It’s like saying “F**k You and your game”.

  4. J. Edward

    Just my two cents.

    As someone who has abused the Killgore glicth only on nonstop climax mode and clocked 99+ hours on Bayonetta, it’s fair to say that I’m a fan of the game. To this day I still play The Lost Chapter to see how fast I can finish it without dying ( I fail most of the time ). 50/50 achievements to boot after playing it since 2010.

    Am I happy that there will be a Bayonetta 2? Actually, I’m ecstatic. Kudos to Platinum and “ahem'” Nintendo for laying out the bucks which SEGA refused to dish out for the sequel.

    Am I pleased that Bayonetta 2 is on a console that I have no intention of buying? Obviously I am not. Why would I want to buy a console that wants to step out of an Italian Plumber’s shadow and move into the big leagues when I already own a PS3 and an Xbox360? No sarcasm intended but my wife owns a wii and it hasn’t seen any yoga action for almost 1 freaking year. I played Legend of Zelda Skyward sword and Windwaker ( with a cheap ass gamecube controller ) on it and those were the only times I actually used it. The novelty of swinging around like crazy has worn thin, and even Nintendo knows that. Hence they came up with the Wii U. For the record, I owned an N64 ( my FIRST console ) and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is one of my all time favorite games ( my first Zelda game, for that matter ) so kindly lay down your torches and pitchforks, Nintendo people.

    Am I going to boycott this game? Nope. I will buy a copy even if I don’t want to buy a wii u. I love the series so I want to support it. Eventually, a friend or a relative or someone’s great aunt may buy a wii u and all I need to do is borrow it once in a while to play Bayonetta 2.

    Problem solved.

    On a slightly different note, I am curious to see how well Bayo 2 will sell on the wii u. Almost “2 million” copies were sold on both the PS3/Xbox360. I hate to say it, but Bayo 2 may just be the Madworld of the wii U. That is why I don’t want to boycott the game. If Dante Sparda had a kick ass sister, then it would be Bayonetta ( Hideki Kamiya’s kids after all ) I don’t want to see the series die off.

    Good day, gents.


  5. zak

    Thank god bayonetta gets a sequel.
    so as a normal person i can say:
    its stupid to vehemently impugn nintendo for continuing to produce a beloved commodity.
    it seems to me the boycotters are just irrationally angry that they would have to gain access to a console they dont want in order to play bayonetta.
    whatever dude.
    we can always play the first one.
    chill out.

      1. Pocky

        You’re buying both game and console used. That’s not supporting them in any way whatsoever. If you were TRULY a fan of the series you’d buy it new on whatever system it was on. Grow up.

  6. megadeth1977

    So you complain and want to boycott cuse B2 IS wiiu exclusive? So I can cimplaun cuse God of Sony exclisive? And I bouth a ps3 not use.just for that game and kill zone.

    Dont be stupid you want to play the game buy a Wii u or dont play nothingat all….the Wii u will be a goid console not the brst but beater than Wii and you will be stupid not to pkay it do like me I own a Wii for 1st parties games and a PS3 for mote advance games and very soon a Wii u and a ps4

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  9. Iyonna

    I live in America and I want to play bayonetta but I can’t because its not released here in america and its not fair to everyone else here if you can release the first bayonetta then why can’t u release bayonetta 2 here in America We don’t care if they r used, I’m a gamer and I’m very particular about my games so that’s why I ask u the question why can’t i play it. Itz cruel to me. If Ur not releasing it because of itz contents, then u need to check all games here because I can tell u right now bayonetta is the lease of ur worries. If the content is the reason y then if that’s the case all games shouldn’t be here but guess WAT we r still playing them

    I hope that you’ll rethink Ur decision


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