Contempt for used game/console?

Here is a question for all the lovely readers.

What would be your reaction if I wrote “I’ll buy WiiU used and Bayonetta 2 used”, instead of “I’ll buy Wii U used and Bayonetta 2 used because I don’t want to support them.”

Would you even came here, or would this site be even noticed if it’s a site that says I will be buying the Wii U used and Bayonetta 2 used?

Are all the lovely comments made here all because of a reasoning attached to my choice of buying the console and game used, or all of you just have a genuine distaste of people buying used consoles and games?

Would love to hear from you all. And if nobody comments on this, I’d assume that all of you agreed to the above reasoning which would make an interesting topic of discussion for another time and place. A simple Yes/No would suffice. You are more than welcomed to write your thoughts too~


24 thoughts on “Contempt for used game/console?

  1. Nesster

    Of course I wouldn’t have bothered commenting here if it was just a random blog from a random guy on the internet saying “I’m going to buy a used Wii U/Bayonetta 2”. The problem is how this is presented as a “boycot” (and encouraging people to do the same) just because a game jumped from a console to another.
    Buying a used game because you can’t afford a new one is fine, boycotting the game’s company in any way, shape or form is not. Just as killing in self-defense is somewhat fine compared to killing just for fun or revenge. It’s the intention what matters.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I am glad the comments has become a lot more civil since the inception of the blog 😀 Your arguments are all very valid, but comparing a life of a person to a video game purchase is a bit extreme, no?

      In the case of person’s life, the decision is irreversible, it is a quite heavy decision to be made in the case of a person’s life. When I look at a purchase you make for $60, whether your intention is harm or out of necessity, the end result is the same in both cases: the company don’t get your money, and it’s a choice that consumer can make without hesitation. In fact, I am more inclined to say people buy used games just because it’s cheaper, and most people buy new games because they want to play it earliest as possible.

      Not many based their purchasing habit on the basis of supporting/not-supporting a company.

      The content of this blog is offered as a alternative solution for those who wants to have nothing to do with Nintendo (be it fanboyism or just plain hatred of Nintendo) yet wants to experience Bayonetta 2.

      There is an obvious logical gap in the thinking of those fanboy/nintendo-hater/wii u doubter (myself included). It is hard to explain, and the best example is that: have you ever bought a console just for ONE game? And how justifiable would that be? Many commenter here points out, “if you like/want to play the game, then tough-luck buy the console and the game.”

      I mean if people like me (Bayonetta 2 is the ONLY game on the Wii U that I want to play), is the alternative I offered here really that big of a leap in logic?

      What would your alternative be? What would you say to those who are like-minded as I am? If you believe a $410 purchase for one game is reasonable, I am all ears. There is literally nothing besides Bayonetta 2 that’s included in the current game line-up that interests me. If it did, I would of kept my Wii and loved it, wouldn’t I?

      1. Nesster

        It is extreme, but it was just an example I made to show you how what matters it’s not the actions, but their purpose. You can also take as an example a man who steals bread to feed his family because he has no money and a man who steals an iPhone just because he wants one and doesn’t really wants to pay it (Maybe because “Oh, iPhone 5 it’s the same as iPhone 4. I don’t want to support Apple, so I’ll steal the phone and they won’t see my money.”)

        Again, this can’t be fully compared to our current situation because you’re not asking people to steal, but to buy an used copy of a game. But once again, I made the example to show you how the purpose of your actions it’s what matters.

        About “have you ever bought a console just for ONE game?”. No, I didn’t. That’s why I still don’t own an J-XBOX even thought I would like to play THE iDOLM@STER. But I’m not “boycotting” that game’s company, duh.

        And once again, back at the start. The problem is not that you don’t like Wii U, the problem is not that you will buy it used, the problem is that you are encouraging other people to do the same to boycott the game’s company. That is the problem.

      2. tyw214 Post author

        @Paul Plaster, I do not support violence. 😦 I wish All parties involved with the Wii U and PG staff have a long healthy life.

  2. Pocky

    It’s not the fact that you’re buying it used. It’s the fact you’re boycotting it for a stupid reason. Without Nintendo Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t be happening. Nobody wanted to fund it so just be happy it’s even freaking happening.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      But the end result of buying a used game and what I am proposing is the same? All I did was gave the people a reason to buy it used, or put another way, an alternative version of a “boycott.”

      1. Isaiah

        Well if the series you claim to love just barely lived to a second release, it’s definitely dead after its fans decided to boycott it’s last chance over a stupid platform change.

  3. Seth

    I’m fine with “buying a used Wii U and used Bayonetta 2.” Most people honestly wouldn’t care if this blog was called that Lol. It’s just that you’re boycotting it because you, like many other gamers felt alienated by Nintendo, so you’d prefer the game to be on another console. The reason why you’re getting all of this attention is because finally Nintendo seems to be making a “comeback” to cater the “hardcore” crowd and announced a already much more impressive library than the Wii’s for the Wii U, yet, the same people are still complaining over what Nintendo does, and Nintendo’s trying hard to please them. I’m not trying to attack you on this issue, nor am I trying to call you one of these people. It’s just that your argument sounds very similar to their’s. If you’re happy that Bayonetta 2’s coming out and you want it, good for you. But there is no point in making this blog and trying to get others to follow your decision.

      1. Seth

        You have a point I guess. Money’s tight for a lot of people. I admit, I haven’t even played Bayonetta yet, but I was interested in the game after reading a article on EGM and seeing my friend play it on his 360. Still haven’t managed to pick it up, but will do once my finances improve a bit more. I’m playing a bit of devil’s advocate here, your blog caused this much controversy because you made it not to long after the announcement. Yet, you’re still getting the game, just in a different way. My main problem with this is that game developers and publishers do in fact look up to see what their fans are saying. Sure, the game is still coming out, but it’s still rather insulting to Platinum Games and Nintendo. And yes, they do listen more closely to our wallets, but buying it used is not accounted for them. It doesn’t give Platinum Games the drive to develop future Bayonetta titles if they continue to see gamers react like this.

  4. TheMaverickk

    Just saw this…. and thought it was funny…. Also you might say your reasoning for this alternative way to play the game is because you feel it’s “unreasonable $410 purchase for one game” but then again that’s still not the real reason you are boycotting. You’ve made it clear you feel “burned/betrayed” by the announcement…. and ultimately you did call your blog “Play Bayonneta 2 The Right Way” and tend to blog about how others can screw over Platinum, and how others can argue against the game being on a Nintendo console… so yeah lets be truthful it isn’t about how much it hypothetically would cost to play the game.

    The only thing you ensure by not supporting Platinum Games, is that you will surely never even see a Bayonetta 3. The franchise will die and no one else will get to enjoy it in the future. Congratulations on being a selfish child. That may seem like a mean thing to say, but essentially that’s what this kind of behaviour is. When someone doesn’t get what they want, they want to try and ruin it for everyone else.

    Additionally you may say that things like “Nobody buys a Nintendo console to play DMC/God of War/Assassin’s Creed” but if people buy and support both the WiiU and a title like Bayonetta 2 it sends a message to developers and Nintendo. It tells developers, “Hey there is money in putting our games on a system like Wii U” and it tells Nintendo “Hey success comes from supporting dev’s who make games like Bayonetta”. The end result being that Nintendo will continue to put money into helping 3rd party dev’s produce games.

    You know something I play games across all platforms, and enjoy all styles of game, from Dead Space, to Borderlands, to Legend of Zelda, to Earthbound, and beyond. I want great games to be supported regardless of the console they are on, because that’s what matters most. That the great games continue to be made! The original Bayonetta was a great game, it deserves a sequel, and I’m glad there was a company out there that felt it was worth bringing back, even if it wasn’t by the company most expected.

    Either way you simply make hardcore gamers look bad and gamers in general hang their head in disappointment over this attitude.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I was pretty sure that anyone who had to shell out for $410 for a single game (I do agree that it is a personal choice/luxury, and that gamer shouldn’t be entitled) would feel pretty “burned”…

      But I guess that’s just me.

      I mean do you feel burned if you had to get PS3 to play one single Nintendo game you really liked that inexplicably was absent on Nintendo console?

      1. TheMaverickk

        There have been plenty of games I don’t own due to exclusivity, but I’ve never been angry or upset over this. I play games primarily on Wii, 360 and Steam, I don’t own a PS3.

        I’ve seen some of my fave franchises leave consoles I enjoy even. Tales of Symphonia got me hooked on the Tales series… and I’ve watched as Namco released Tales of Legendia/Abyss on PS2 and left me out during the Gamecube era.

        I’ve played Tales of Vesperia on the 360 and then watched as it gets ported to the PS3, and then the PS3 get Tales of Graces f (a game I had been looking forward to playing on the Wii) and Tales of Xillia be released on the PS3 as well.

        Still did I get upset and despise the companies and studios who make the games? No, because they are simply doing what is best for the franchise. It may be unfortunate but in due time I’m sure I will get opportunities to play future installments as they make their way back onto consoles and platforms I do own.

        Your upset over one franchise making it’s way onto the Wii U. I’ve experienced this over and over again in the past, from Final Fantasy leaving Nintendo consoles to be primarily on the Playstation, to something like the Tales of Series being tossed around from platform to platform. Despite this I still want these companies to continue making the games I love cause even if I miss out on an installment, someone else may be getting a chance to enjoy it for the first time.

        Seriously just stop being selfish and let it go. Stop trying to spite a company and ruin it for others.

      2. tyw214 Post author

        Please see my reply to @Shot-OS for Final Fantasy jumping from Nintendo to PS1 during the N64 transition.

        In all the examples that people have brought up, none of them was a continuous squeal in a canonical story. Each Final Fantasy had a distinct story, each Tales had a distinct story.

        Namco Bandai released ToS: Dawn of the New World on the Nintendo Wii, it was an amazingly right choice. It did not make sense to put that on a different console. The Warriors games, each is their own. Final Fantasy, each game is its own.

        Mass Effect 1 and 2, although went on PS3 as well, it’s not like Xbox 360 owner did not get the sequel.

        The only worse offender I see is probably Valkyria Chronicles 2, 3 which jumped from PS3 to PSP.

        I assure you, if Half-Life 3 which picks up after Half-Life 2 were to be a Wii U exclusive, you’ll see the internet explode, and Nintedo’s server DDoS’d and death threats delivered personally to the Nintendo CEOs.

      3. TheMaverickk

        My mentioning Final Fantasy has nothing to do with technical ability, but fan base.

        I’m well aware why Square brought FF VII to the Playstation. It was the best choice to make the game they wanted. The point I’m making is that for many Final Fantasy fans that was a huge disappointment. After having played Final Fantasy I on the original Nintendo, and playing FF II and FF III on the SNES people wanted FF to be on the N64.

        Not to mention it was originally being developed for the N64, fans were told it was coming to that system and then Sqaure just abandoned those fans. It was unfortunate and sad, but still no reason to boycott Square, or Sony for that matter. There was reasons why the developer did what they did, and it was their free choice to do so, I wasn’t mad at them for it.

        There are other examples I could’ve given, like the Mega Man X series, or Resident Evil, but again it’s simply about the fact that I personally wanted to play certain titles from a franchise on a console I owned, but it didn’t end up that way.

        I’m not mentioning these examples to argue about the legitimacy of these titles being on certain systems. I’m mentioning them because of the feelings these things have. You completely missed the point of my post.

  5. Pocky

    You’re funny because you DO realize that if everyone decides not to buy it new thanks to your stupid blog, there won’t be any used copies for you to buy? Grow up already and stop whinning. The point and what you’re really missing here is that without Nintendo funding the game there would not even be a Bayonetta 2.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      Oh… you can be sure there will be used… There are way worse games like Hannah Montana on the Wii that goes up used. You’ll wonder who would EVER buy those games…

  6. laughin-man

    I’ve got a simple question:
    Is this site a parody of all those whiny kids or is it a serious meant “boycott” (it isn’t even a boycott even if you get it used, it makes no difference) site?

    If its real you have my symphaty for being so dump.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      It is serious, but not as a real “boycott” but as an alternative solution to achieve part of what boycott would of achieve, financial lost for the said parties.

      1. Laughin-man

        But none of the both will get a financial lost. The used copy will be sold even if you don’t buy it. Then a Nintendo Fan will buy it, means no Bayonetta for you and no profit for PG. If you buy it, the Nintendo Fan is forced to buy it new and gives the money indirectly for you to PG.

  7. RoboctoBeta

    Listen, I find buying “used” games is very similar to piracy. You buy a game, and the workers trying to put food on the table, and you don’t give those guys a single penny.
    Truly, if you have to buy a game used I understand, if you can’t afford it and by desperate measures you buy the game used. But you are purposely buying a game in order to spit on Nintendo, and Platinum’s faces.

  8. kj2177

    Remember that time back in the eighties when everyone jumped from Nintendo to Sega for their new Sega CD and Nintendo almost went under? Or when no one would buy some system called a Playstation when it first came out because Mario and Zelda games weren’t available…and they had learned from the Sega CD experience? I heard there were games like God of War and Assassin’s Creed in the works down the road, but because Nintendo’s fanbase was so hardcore and wouldn’t think of buying a new console, (or at least waiting until there was a used one), the playstation died a miserable death. Microsoft was even in the works with something called an xbox but cancelled the whole project after seeing what happened to the playstation. Thank god we didn’t have to endure everything that would have been offered by those scam artists…sony and microsoft that is. Each day I am so glad that hardcore Nintendo fans never jumped ship, or gave other consoles a chance. Makes me proud to have gamers come together in such a positive way so as to not just to support what they want, but really disenfranchise anyone who experiments with a new or different idea, or a developer/game company they love making a decision with which they disagree…

    wait…what happened…

    i just woke up…i don’t know what i wrote, but i was having a bad dream…


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