Why I think Bayonetta 2 for Wii U Exclusive is bad for me.

This is a post from a reply I made to some comments. I’d like to post it here so that everyone is clear on my stance with Nintendo.

Nintendo getting B2 as an exclusive is bad for me because it does not fit the bill of what I looked for in a console based on its last iteration known as Wii. What I looked for in a console is:

1. Lots of jRPG (Unlocalized is fine too since I can understand JP). I.e. Hyperdimension Neptunia, Atlier Series, All the Agarest Senki, NamcoBandai Tales (Vesperia, Graces F, Xillia), Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea, etc.
2. Lots of Japanese action/fighting games (like Dynasty Warriors/Samurai/Orochi Warriors, BlazeBlue, etc.)
3. Being import friendly. (PS3 Games being the most import friendly without a question).

And PS3 being able to have other old PS/PS2 classic, which holds a vast amount of jRPG as well is a huge perk. Brave Fencer Musashi was awesome!

For someone who preferred a console with the above criteria, I don’t know how any other way but to say Nintendo having B2 as an exclusive is just bad for me. Having to have an extra console $400+ to play one game is a debatable investment. Obviously, I am using Wii as a “baseline” comparison to the Wii U, but if I am looking at all the so far announced games, there is not a single jRPG announced, KT announced warriors series, but they are remakes, and Ninja Gaiden which will be Multi-platform. Do you see me going in length talking about those KT titles? No. Because they are multi-platform.

The tl;dr version: Wii U isn’t my ideal console because I like lots of jRPG, Japanese Action/Fighting games (which Bayonetta 2 falls into), and I love to import games. If the Wii U improve in all of these area, I’d more than likely be in love with it. But so far, the line-up isn’t very promising, which makes the sole reason of getting a Wii U is for Bayonetta 2. And for others like me, the Wii U is not a very sound investment.


34 thoughts on “Why I think Bayonetta 2 for Wii U Exclusive is bad for me.

  1. Bryan

    YOU guys are fucking sad someone will have to buy the Wii U and Bayonetta 2 “NEW” in order for you RETARDS to buy them “USED” SO this just defeats the whole purpose of this boycott

  2. Laughin-man

    I’m surprised. You seem to have a really good taste for video Games in my opinion. Thats why i don’t understand why you don’t like the Wii.

    1. The Wii got some really good exclusiv JRPG like Xenoblade, Last Story and pandora tower. Okay the graphics aren’t great, but it’s worth it.

    2. The Wii got Guilty Gear a year ago while the Xbox and PS3 version still isn’t out. I hope Blazblue will get on the WiiU, since the Wii was underpowered, but even the Vita got it.

    3. Okay, i will give you that. I had to buy 3 Xbox’s and 2 wii’s to play all game’s that i want to play.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I have played both Last Story and Xenoblade. Which are half the games I own on the Wii. The other two being TOS: DotNW, and SSBB (which is just a game you just have to have on the Wii… even though I don’t play it much).

      1. Laughin-man

        I don’t know if you liked this games, but with Monolith soft (Xenoblade, baten Kaitos, namcoxcapcom and xenosaga) being a Nintendo first party, there will be some games on the WiiU.

  3. SHot-OS

    If thats the games that you like to play then you dont have a reason to buy a Wii U now. But I think that until the time that Bayonetta 2 releases then they may have anounce some good Jrpg games. Give the Wii U some time and you will see that its going to be a hit for the games that you like 🙂
    Also, Laughin-man wrote about some amazing Jrpg games in the Wii, you should check them out.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I will be waiting, that’s the whole point I am telling people that want to play Bayonetta 2 to not have to rush out and get it Day One and that buying the console used/game used is a very valid choice. When one asses the next iteration of console, everyone first asses its current iteration, and the next iteration is generally an extension of the the current, and usually contains more games of its current generation but more refined, better, and bigger.

      That’s also why I understand a lot of people’s disappointment when Bayonetta 2 went Wii U Exclusive. Because part of all the disappointment stems from that Bayonetta series wasn’t a game that’s a natural extension of the Wii’s library.

      I could even go as far as to say, if the next console isn’t the Wii U, but like “Nintendo U,” I am inclined to say that this whole Bayonetta 2 business wouldn’t cause such internet ruckus. As much opinion as is a qualified observation, Bayonetta type of game does not fit at all into the Wii library. And I am not talking about blood, gore, and violence; I am talking about hyper-sexualized aesthetic of the game. And I am hard-press to find one such game on the Wii.

      The Nintendo handheld on the other hand, is different especially with games like Senran Kagura series.

      1. Laughin-man

        For Madworld (also PG) it’s exactly the other way around. The first one was Wii exclusiv and the sequel comes only for Xbox and Ps 3. And Madworld also has some sexualized scenes. Not to forget No more Heroes 1 and 2.

      2. tyw214 Post author

        IIRC, the No More Heroes PS3 version was the definitive version isn’t it? The Red Zone (PS3 Version) received Z rating (highest JP rating, 18+) vs the D Rating on the Nintendo version. This was another point that I am worried with Bayonetta 2.

        Although Bayonetta was D rating, the difference in Nintendo’s philosophy could inadvertently affect the mind-set of PG which would unconciously “tone-down” Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U console.

      3. SHot-OS

        You are very right. The new console needs to have a new name because now everyone believes that its going to be just a better Wii! But its not… Nintendo is going to have to work really hard to fix their image that the Wii “destroyed” in some peoples eyes. Im expecting so many things from this generation and many more from Ninteno.

        Just for the record Im a hardcore Nintendo fan but I bought my PS3 on the 6th month that it was released and my Wii 4 years after it was released… Also I have more PS3 games than Wii. I may be a fan but Im not blind. But now Im going to get the Wii U day one because I just know that this console is going to work and bring Nintendo close to the top!

        Also, remember final fantasy 7? Sony “stole” the game the same way but it became such a big hit! But then the times were more simple and the average gamer wasnt so fixated in the console wars like now… 😦

        ps, I support your decision for used console and games, but as other people said the problem was the use of the word “boycott”. Buying used items is not boycott 😉

      4. tyw214 Post author

        Final Fantasy VII would not have been technically possible on the Nintendo 64… It was a VERY different matter in the case of using PS 1 or Nintendo 64. There was no games that span multiple cartridges.

        The difference in console back then warranted such jump. You would not have what we have come to known about FFVII if it did not brought the dramatic cut-scenes in a never-before-seen fashion.

      5. Paul Plaster

        That’s right – if FF7 was released on N64, it would have had to make it based on GAMEPLAY instead of CUTSCENES.

        As it is, FF7 is not remembered for good gameplay. Like, at all.

      6. tyw214 Post author

        Even if FF7 took out every cut-scenes, it would STILL not fit the 64 MB Catridge that’s used for N64 games…

        Final Fantasy Tactics for example is far larger than 64 MB, and that game is one of the most beloved Final Fantasy series after the SNES/NES era of Final Fantasy game, and is one of the “modern” sprite-based Final Fantasy (released after FFVII), and one of the few single-disc Final Fantasy on the PS 1.

        For a large amount of games jumping from N64 to PlayStation is harder to say what cause the jump, but the technological differences especially in its medium did pose a great amount of problem for developers who would like to create larger, and more engrossing games.

        IIRC, A Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (FFT series on the Gameboy Advance) ROM is greater than 64 MB size…

  4. Laughin-man

    No more heroes was cut in Japan for Wii. The only uncut was the Wii us Version and is the same as the ps 3 Version, (except for the graphics).

  5. Dalagonash

    Ninja Gaiden 3 is multi-format, but the Wii U one is seriously improved. I’d call it the Sigma to the current PS3/360 version but that would do it a disservice, it’s the proper, finished version of Ninja Gaiden 3.

    I have a feeling Tokyo Game Show may sway you, assuming the support for Wii U is as strong as many are predicting.

    Also don’t worry about Nintendo pussy footing around Bayo and it’s themes, this is the modern ‘buying a share in the Project Zero franchise’ Ninty we’re talking about.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      So Far there isn’t anything compelling yet… But PSVita is showing a strong line-up of Japanese games with Muramasa enhanced, a Senran kagura spin-off (one of the biggest point of me considering a Japanese 3DS…), Valhalla Knight 3, God Eater 2, etc.

  6. Tenebrae

    I can see your point. It seems the Wii U console is not the one for you. That’s understandable.

    If you really want to play Bayonetta 2, and seeing your tastes then I do recommend you buying the console used. And maybe, as the console goes down the road, you may encounter some games that truly interest you, for example, the JRPG that Monolith Soft (The one’s who made Xenoblade) are making.

    But assuming you really are a fan of the now-series, I really recommend you buying the game NEW, that’s your support for the franchise and your way to tell them “I like this, make more of it” countrary to buying the game used meaning “Your game is good, but it’s not worth buying it new”.

  7. Paul Plaster

    I know this was supposed to be a response to me, but you STILL didn’t actually answer the question!

    The question isn’t why you don’t LIKE it on the Wii U, but why it is a bad idea to be on the Wii U. All you did was tell us why you don’t want to BUY a Wii U, but not why Bayonetta 2 cannot be on the Wii U.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I am pretty sure I addressed why it was bad to be an EXCLUSIVE Wii U title for anyone that have similar gaming taste as me, which I would think a portion of the original Bayonetta fans are.

      As for why it is bad on Wii U, it isn’t. It’s the exclusivity that’s the problem, not its presence on the Wii U.

      I mean if it’s Wii U + MS or Wii u + SONY, it wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow with me… Xbox 360’s track record with jRPG/jAction/Fighting games is actually better than the Wii. Idol M@STER, Dream Club, Ninty-Nine Nights, Eternal Sonata, Tales of vesperia, DMCs, RE5, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy XIII, BlazeBlue etc.

      1. Paul Plaster

        No, you gave an opinion as to why it was bad, but claim that it being bad is a FACT. In order for it to be factually bad, there has to be a factual reason why it’s bad – no opinion.

        So, give a factual reason why it is bad for the Wii U to have Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive.

      2. tyw214 Post author

        What kind of factual reason do you need to be consider it’s factually bad? The game being exclusive on Wii U blows up the Wii U so it’s bad for safety? Everything “bad” is relative. What are bad guys? What are bad things to do? What are bad tasting food? What kind of food is bad for your health? What makes you a bad person?

        I gave all the reason why the game exclusive on the Wii U is bad for me (or anybody else with similar game taste). It is definitely bad for my wallet. Now to play the game, it takes up more space in a room because of another console, so it’s bad. It creates extra carbon emission so it’s bad. it uses more electricity, so it’s bad. video game is bad because it’s a waste of time.

  8. Pocky

    Basically you’re saying.
    I prefer Sony consoles so if it had to be exclusive to anything I’d rather it have been to Sony’s ps3 or the ps Vita.

  9. momone

    Hey, is a game, only a game, a sequel to wiiu por the dark side. Nintendo, the Imperial Army in videogames.

    (and the imperial march coming soon in november…)

  10. RoboctoBeta

    Dude what’s wrong with you? You’re weird beyond belief. People are Nintendo fans and buyers for different reasons. It’s OK if you buy a Wii U for Bayonetta and Smash Bros. 4. And whatever else you want on it. Like “The Wonderful 101” (developed by platinum games) Pikmin 3 (in no way is that game only for children) or Monster Hunter 3 Ulimate (I bet you’ll buy that used too for abandoning Sony consoles)

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I dont’ even own a 3DS yet because it’s region locked… and while I enjoyed MH on the PSP, I had since stopped playing it when God Eater came out. I liked the action pace better on God Eater, and having a story, and other NPCs to fight along side is more fun than solo hunting on MH half the time… Not to mention, I am a sucker for Japanese anime, as you can see from my gaming taste….

  11. Asad

    I’ve been playing that game and I agree with you. For me it was wasting more time rather than having fun. For me, first-person shooting games are the best for the Wii!
    Wii ombouwen

  12. Obed Ramirez

    well, last i remember is that real gamers buy the console(or builds a pc) for the games, not the other way, i know that not everyone has the money to buy all consoles, but dude, you are not a true fan if you wish to boycot the developers just because you think it wrong for it to be on another console that you do not own. if you think that “it would be better for it to no exist at all” then you are a selfish guy or an attention whore, hell i had to sell my ps3 and some 3ds game just to buy a WiiU, there are some sacrifices that are neccesary to make. as a finishing note i know that you will bash my comment and whatnot, but as a final note, i think that if someone helps you, you wouldn’t bite their hands off, right? so in a way i see how platinum thinks.

  13. Obed Ramirez

    by the way, if you like anime and rpgs do yourself a favor and try the rune factory series, there is frontier on wii (great game), tides of destiny on ps3/wii, rune factory 4 on 3ds and rune factory 1 trough 3 on ds.


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