How Bayonetta 2 will have enough used copies for anyone that want to buy Used.

I’ve seen a decent amount of comments on this site regarding the availability of used copies of Bayonetta 2. I hate to tell you all the truth, but there WILL BE USED Bayonetta 2 simply because there WILL BE people who will sell it after playing it, or don’t like it.

There is no recent major releases that you CANNOT find a used copy of the game (some even appear like 2 days after release date on Gamestop shelves) unless your name is Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 (NA version), or some VERY VERY niche game. If you believe there will be NO USED copies of Bayonetta 2, then what you are essentially saying is:

1. Bayonetta 2 will only be bought by hardcore fans of Bayonetta 2
2. Bayonetta 2 have no mass appeal on the Wii U and is not going to sell well, and
3. That you believe there are A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT WILL FOLLOW THE “ADVICE” on this site…

When Bayonetta 2 gets bought by a Wii U owner, there really is no doubt that there will be used copies.

The kinds of people that will really buy Bayonetta 2 used:

A. Someone who followed the “advice” on this site;
B. A curious window shopper that may pick up Bayonetta 2 used for cheap (I mean like $20),
C. Someone tight on cash but likes Bayonetta 2

And unless you think there are a lot of A, B, and C type of people, the supply of Bayonetta 2 will outstrip the demand. If indeed the demand for used outstrips the used supply, then I am very happy that what I had in mind was accomplished.

What I wanted, through this blog is for people to buy as many used copies of Bayonetta 2 copies as possible, as not to create new sales. Creating a equilibrium of sort between the supply and demand.

Do you really think I am naive, that the internet (and Bayonetta “fans”) will follow what I say here en masse? Of course not, but I just want to raise the possibility of an alternative for anyone that feels ‘burned’ by PG’s decision to think about buying it used and now new.

There really is no answer to “where will the used Bayonetta 2 come from if everyone buy used?” It just happens. It’s magic.


72 thoughts on “How Bayonetta 2 will have enough used copies for anyone that want to buy Used.

  1. Ryerman

    Nintendo is the reason this game exists. Would you rather have no sequel instead of one on the wii u? Nintendo is allowing this game to happen, and now you’re punishing them for it?

  2. momone

    The power of the dark side of Nintendo make Bayonetta 2. The Emperor Iwata and his Dark Lords (Reggie Maul & Shigeru Vader…), will be use the Force in November. The Empire of videogames have a name, and is… Nintendo.

    1. Corey

      Nintendo is the dark side?! Gimmie a break, if a console maker is the “dark side”, it is Sony and Microsoft as they are massive billion dollar conglomerates… Nintendo is a very tiny company, big in the video game industry, but quite tiny compared to large cap, blue chip companies listed on the Nasdaq and DJIA

  3. Tooi

    “Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes,” says Atsushi Inaba, executive director at Platinum Games.

    In the wake of Bayonetta 2’s announcement as an exclusive for the Wii U, fans vocalized their displeasure, hoping that the sequel would be released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 like the original Bayonetta. Developers at Platinum Games said it a series of statements this week that it does not want to alienate its fans.

    “We are not viewing this as a change of platform,” Inaba told Polygon in an interview at Tokyo Game Show. “We were looking for a partner to create Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo was a strong, cooperative partner that was willing to create and grow Bayonetta 2 together [with us]. As a result the platform became the Wii U.”

    Regardless of the change of platform from PS3 and Xbox 360 to Wii U, Inaba says it won’t impact Bayonetta 2’s core gameplay.

    “We create the basic framework of our games on the PC, so even though the hardware changes it doesn’t influence the creation of our games. We’ve already developed our own engine to work with multiple platforms.

    “Because of the Wii U GamePad, we are putting extra thought into how to use these differentiating features,” Inaba said. “There’s a difference in the game design side, but we are enjoying the challenges of creating games for new hardware.”

    And there you go. Bayonetta 2 would not exist without Nintendo.

  4. spoots

    I’m sorry but this doesn’t make the least bit of sense. The reason people are mad about Bayonetta 2 being on the WiiU is because they don’t want a WiiU right? So the ones without the console are going to “boycott” it naturally, because they wouldn’t buy it anyway because they wouldn’t buy the console. If you actually have a WiiU or want a WiiU there is literally no good reason to boycott it. Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t even be getting made if it wasn’t going to be on the WiiU. How can you be upset that a sequel no one expected isn’t going to be on the console you wanted it to be on? More than that, how does that make the slightest bit of sense if you’re going to get a WiiU and if you’re going to play the game anyway? Boycotting the game certainly isn’t the “best way to play it”, that would mean not playing it at all. If you’re going to speak with your wallet you need to think it through a little better. You know you want the product but are planning on buying it used ANYWAY just to make a point about how it was on the wrong console? You must realise how stupid that is.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I can’t find another way to vote with your wallet that’ll let you enjoy the game at the same time. By buying it used, you basically achieved the end result of a “boycott” (financial damage) without the draw back of “boycott (unable to use the product).

      1. spoots

        You’re not meant to enjoy to product you are boycotting. You really don’t get how this whole thing works, do you? Read through my first post again but go slowly this time.

      2. tyw214 Post author

        I mean if you are going to pick on the semantics of what is a “boycott”, then fine… Boycotting can be either boycotting the company, or boycotting the product. I am not asking people to boycott the product, but to boycott the company. Obviously, in most cases and with many other things like Boycotting Shampoo, Lotion, Drugs, etc, boycotting them usually involve not using those product at all because to use them you’ll have to buy them by buying them at like a grocery store in which you will be giving your money to the company that makes those products.

        The biggest reason to boycott is to do some form of “damage” to a company whether be financial or the integrity of the company. What I proposed here is not a form of “strict” boycott in which one choose to be abstinence of a certain product, but choosing to buy the product from the secondary market as to not support the company that makes the product to induce some form of “financial damage”. I find this to be a unique aspect of Video Game in which a secondary market can be utilize to create an alternative form of “Boycott”.

        I obviously dont’ expect this website will create any sort of major financial damage to either of the company, but it’s an idea for people who feel “let down” to “get back” at those companies. But it seems like this blog is causing major concern to all the “distractor” with all these negative comment as if this movement will surely kill the sales of the game… I mean if you guys are so sure this game would be awesome and Wii U going to be awesome, will a merely free blog on WordPress really make that big of a difference?

        It seems childish, yes, but have you ever get back at somebody else just because you feel like it or making a prank because that guy is a jerk to you even though you know violence is wrong? Pretty sure everybody has. This is my knee-jerk reaction to the “Bayonetta 2 is Wii U Exclusive” and I will stand by it.

      3. RoiDesCouers

        Damage Nintendo? One of the world’s oldest companies? The company that saved video games from the 80’s game crash? You should be thankful that they saved games AND saved Bayonetta. I CAN NOT REITERATE THIS ENOUGH. As you will noticed I paraphrased the same statement in several replies.

      4. bluntmanexe

        So you want people to damage platinum games by buying this game second hand? Even if enough people did that for Platinum to notice how exactly would that encourage them to do any of the things that you want them to do? If Platinum makes less money why would they make any more Bayonetta games. If anything it would kill off the series.

        Nintendo has the publishing rights to Bayonetta 2 so any hope of it coming to playstation or xbox is a pipe dream regardless of how it sells but if you had any hope of any other bayonetta games coming out and seeing a release on the type of console you prefer it would be in your interest for sales of Bayonetta 2 to be as high as possible. If PG had a tough time getting a publisher for Bayonetta 2 based off the sales of it’s predecessor then urging people to boycott Bayonetta 2 is equivalent to wishing for an end to the entire series. It sounds like that if “I can’t have it then nobody can have it” type of attitude.

  5. idgaf

    Wow. You got a total of 7, 8 with me replies. Good job. Your doing great…. NOT lmao this entire fiasco of yours has been an utter failure . Actually no, not completely at least. If you would of had more people going on to this site you would be giving the game more free publicity coming out of your wallet considering you are paying for this domain XD. Your limelight is over and nobody is looking back. Litterally out of a million sales you probably would only be affecting 10 and that’s probably a high number lol. Again congrats.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      not sure where you got your numbers, this blog has over 10k total views atm, with 300+ comments.

      For this particular article, there is only 8 comments…

      1. RoiDesCouers

        10k views does not mean 10k supporters… and I’ve read quite a few of the comments, most of them are negative…. toward you.

      2. tyw214 Post author

        Jesus, anyone with half a brain knows 99% of comments on this blog would be negative lol. I wouldn’t have wrote a public blog about this topic if I only wanted pretty comments. And why are people so alarmed and up in arms about this? :/ There is just going to be very small minority who is going to actually do this, and one of them will be me lol.

  6. Tre

    So you want people to buy this game used???

    People will still need to buy a WiiU, giving money to Nintendo.
    Buying used Bayonette2 to hurt the company that makes the game you want.

    Stupid way of thinking…
    If this works, you will not be seeing Bayonette3 anywhere.
    Nice plan there, you are a moron!!!

  7. Tenebrae

    I insist, buy the Wii U used if you want, but Bayonetta 2 buy it new.

    I don’t know why you want to lower the sales, as that is the worst thing for the franchise. You think they will make a better Bayonetta 3 if 2 doesn’t sell well? No, if the sales lowers, the franchise might be left abandoned. In fact that is kinda what happened, but Nintendo put their money in order to the sequel to happen.

    This would make sense if you were a hater and wanted the franchise to dissapear, but since that is not the case, then you are just a spoiled kid that doesn’t want the franchise to exist where it has to exist.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      So Bayonetta 2 exist because the first sold well? If the first sold well, why make the platform change? Nintendo didn’t pick up the second hoping to get sales from the game, but rather market share from these “core” gamers on the PS3/Xbox360.

      I know well SEGA did not “support” the second, but I’ve not heard PG having any negotiation with Microsoft or Sony or any other publisher for that matter. If Square-Enix was willing to support Sleeping Dog, Bayonetta 2 also seem like a good candidate.

      1. TetrisUltraSmash

        They know that Bayonetta will sell well because Nintendo is publishing it. People will eat this product because Nintendo is pushing all branding for this title, plus the fact that Bayonetta clearly has a great fanbase. And that doesn’t mean that past Bayonetta fans won’t buy this. I will gurantee you Platinum and Nintendo will be racking it in once again with this title.

      2. TetrisUltraSmash

        Lets not forget that the Monster Hunter series had this very similar predicament. But now there are plenty of Nintendo fans who love the Monster Hunter series because Capcom decided to make Monster Hunter Tri a Wii exclusive.

      3. Tenebrae

        It’s not because the first sold well, it’s because it had an impact and people wanted the sequel. They didn’t want to change the platform, actually, but SEGA HAD to cut budget and leave the project abandoned. Neither Microsoft nor Sony were interested in rescuing the project, and pretty much no one else, but Nintendo did. Nintendo put money and staff in the project, so it would continue.

        Why was Nintendo interested in Bayonetta? I could say many things that would make sense, but I think that the cold truth is that Nintendo wanted to have “core” games on their platform, so they chose one that was core and semi-underground.

        But, if sales do not go AT LEAST as how they did with the first release, beleive me, they would HARDLY make a 3rd installment. That’s why I tell you to buy the game new, and if you want, buy the Wii U used.

      4. Corey

        The platform change happened because Sega could no longer afford to publish the game. Nintendo offered the studio the proper funding to finish the game if they agreed to make it exclusive to their system. The studio pounced on the offer because without it, the project would have died.

      5. Eric Sellers

        Where have you been all this time?
        If Micro or Sony really wanted to support Platinum, they would have out-bid Nintendo at the get-go and done so!
        They did not take the opportunity.
        Nintendo did.
        Getting up in arms at Nintendo for saving the franchise is not an appropriate reaction from a REAL fan of the franchise.
        Get that through your head.

  8. Tyler

    “By buying it used, you basically achieved the end result of a “boycott” (financial damage)”

    You still don’t understand that you don’t do anything good by sending that message? By hurting Platinum Games you are hurting the franchise that you love and so you also hurt yourself, because you won’t be able to see another sequel. It’s just foolish to think that way. You little crybaby should kiss Nintendo’s butt for giving you the chance to play a new Bayonetta instead of bitching.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      interestingly, nobody was crying or as much as this when the game was canned. So… I don’t know… As I’ve already mentioned before, “ignorance is a bliss” sometimes.

      1. Tyler

        Maybe nobody was crying because everyone hoped that the game would find a publisher someday. 😉 Nobody knows how the reactions would have been if PG told us that there will never be a sequel.

        Still… what do you want to achieve with your little boycott? Bad sellings so there won’t be another game? Or do you really believe that another sequel, if there will be one, will be multiplatform? If the game doesn’t sell there will be no sequel and it will be harder for PG to find publishers for other games.

        You can do whatever you believe is right, but I think that your plan isn’t carefully thought out.

  9. Paul Plaster

    Nobody has disputed that used copies of the game will exist. The problem is, used copies of the CONSOLE won’t for at least two years. That means, by the time anyone can take your advice, the game will no longer be in the limelight anyway, so your protest means nothing.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      Used console will be in the market the second day Wii u is released. The price may be high, but IT IS a used console.

      That’s how DETERMINED I AM to NOT give any money to Nintendo. I rather pay 2x the price for a Wii U to another dude than pay Nintendo directly out of spite and malice.

      1. Tyler

        You could also buy a new one and sell it after playing the game. So you can make sure someone else won’t buy a Wii u.

        Btw: It’s very interesting, that you avoid to answer many questions.

        Have you recognized that most people who visit this site criticise you?

      2. tyw214 Post author

        Avoid answer what question? I am one guy, and I get tons of comments a day. 70% of them are one liners with “you are cunt.” “you are stupid.” “this is stupid.” and what else you could think of.

        If you would like a question answered, I am more than happy to answer anything question you have.

        And yes I do recognize that 99% of the people that commented on this web site are critical of what’s on this site. And it seems these people are majorly concerned about this site’s impact on the game’s sales figure or the Wii U sales figure. Why else get so pissed/worked-up and rant about this site? I mean even Kotaku picked up this blog out of no-where.

      3. Crash

        You’re pathetic… Seriously, there is NOTHING wrong with Nintendo, hell, statistically, they are the company that most cares about it’s customers out of the 3! And you’re not willing to buy anything from them, (no matter how much u want it) because… Because? What? You didn’t like the Wii cause it had 1 or 2 games you didn’t like!? The Wii had a lot of great games, but it was weak so you hate it!? It has a LOT of amazing games but it had more casual games and you feel “betrayed” or “alienated” by Nintendo!? There are a lot of good motion controlled games but you tried that one game once that had motion controls but its bad, and therefor they’re ALL bad!? You are just plain biased for no reason and are willing to take it out on 2 amazing game companies(Ninty and PG) out of your misguided childish hissy fit? Grow up.

  10. TheMaverickk

    Regardless of whether or not there will be used copies, still doesn’t change the fact that this little crusade is very immature.

    Taking a stab at a developer just because your too big of a fanboy to admit it. That’s simply shameful.

    Regardless it’s not as though PG lost a sale by you purchasing the game used. You were never going to purchase the game with it being on the Wii U anyways. It’s kind of a pointless protest.

    You refuse to buy it unless it’s on your system of choice, so out of the two options “not buying it” and “buying it used” they were never going to get your money from the moment they announced the game.

    At the end of the day though even if you don’t pay for a new Wii U, Nintendo has still succeeded in their goal, because they’ve still managed to get a Wii U into your home with this game, regardless of whether or not you paid them directly. Something you likely wouldn’t have done other wise if Bayonetta had been released as a multiplat.

    Your whole boycott is still a joke.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      This whole blog is a joke, it’s more along the line of prank/knee-jerk reaction than anything else.

      I am not naive enough to think a simple free WordPress blog is going to make a difference on the internet at all, but it seems to be a major concern to all those people as there are well over 300+ comments now how this blog sucks, this author sucks, this is stupid, etc. as if this blog is going to influence the “many Bayonetta” fans…

      Nintendo already succeeded at making me buy a Wii and so what? There is no merit for Nintendo at all if the Wii U is in my home if I bought it used…

      1. It doesn’t count as their “share” because it was the same “1 unit” that somebody purchased shifting to another person.
      2. I am not going to be buying anything that’s not jRPG or games that suit my taste which Nintendo don’t make except Pokemon.

      1. TheMaverickk

        Simply put you can’t boycott something you were never going to buy in the first place.

        Also it means a lot. Why did Nintendo chose to financially support and publish a game like Bayonetta 2? For two reasons;

        1. To show that they care about “hardcore” games
        2. To get fans of the original Bayonetta to play a game on their system

        So basically by even if you buy the system and game used, it means that Nintendo has accomplished what they wanted. They brought someone who normally would rather play games on a PS3 to play a game on the Wii U.

        Just by playing the game on the Wii U, you are basically supporting NIntendo’s actions. It means that Nintendo’s financial investment in 3rd party titles helps to bring over players from other consoles.

        So even if you aren’t financially supporting Nintendo, you are still supporting their actions and business decisions. Boycotts aren’t simply about money, it’s about ideals and integrity. So even if Nintendo doesn’t get your money, they still got you picking up one of their systems. That’s an impressive feat, and it means they did the right thing getting exclusivity on Bayonetta 2.

        That’s plenty of merit if you ask me.

      2. tyw214 Post author

        If business were all like this, there won’t be any business. Nintendo isn’t a saint as many Nintndolievers tend to believe. They make the best financially sound decision. You can bet that Nintendo would be super upset if Bayonetta 2 tanked in sales because people are only buying it used. It does matter.

        And yes you can boycott something you were never going to buy, but had the intention to buy. Many people boycott shampoos, cars, companies, even though they haven’t thought about buying their product.

  11. Jeremy Wayne Humble

    Nintendo makes quite a few JRPGs last time I checked. Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Earthbound…

    I just guess I really don’t understand what the point is of this blog. Is it here as a troll or as someone who is actually pissed that a sequel to a game that they like is coming out on a new console? I mean if it came out on the PS4 or the new Xbox you would still need to buy the new console. So what’s the big problem with getting a Wii U straight up from Nintendo to play a game you love? I mean they seem to be doing a good job so far with the Wii U right? So why make a big deal about it? It’s not like the Xbox and PS3 are great systems or anything. I mean the best things they have are Xbox: Great Online Play and PS3: Pretty Colors and Blu-Ray. So why not actually have a console that would make the game more fun? I know you say you will get the console used but then you are using more money because the only used ones will be flung off the streets or eBay and they will be expensive as Hell! That’s why I think it’s a troll blog because nobody should be that crazy to do something like that! But this is modern day ‘Murica where bad television is actually given awards…

    1. tyw214 Post author

      Earthbound hasn’t been made since what? Monster Hunter isn’t made by Nintendo. Fire Emblem and Pokemon are the only ones, and they are mostly handheld RPGs. You can count the number of jRPG on the Wii with one hand…

      And if you look at my other post you’ll know better why I am not fond of Bayonetta II being a Nintendo exclusive.

  12. Shinox

    Keep striking those Fat mindless Nintendo fans .. they really need to know what’s going on around them more than “praising Nintendo” .

    1. TheMaverickk

      Seriously what is more mindless…. those people willing to support Bayonetta 2 no matter what system it’s on.

      Or a fanboy who can’t put his fanboyism aside to support the franchise he loves.

      Those of us who actually love video games… those of us who actually just want to play amazing games…. those of us who really are hardcore… could care less what systems our fave games go on, it won’t stop us from supporting them.

      You are an embarrassment to true gamers everywhere.

  13. Guardian Hero

    Thanks for giving Bayonetta 2 more attention than Bayonetta 1. With this blog at the top of the Bayonetta 2 google search, Bayonetta 2 will sell more than the tiny 2 million copies it sold on the 360 and ps3, and Platinum will know that more gamers support Nintendo consoles. Keep up the good work!

    1. Corey

      If Bayonetta is released this year it will sell really well because of the drought of Wii U games… Soon as something releases I pounce.. So I’ll probably buy Bayonetta 2 brand new, even though I never played the original.

  14. RoiDesCouers

    Think of it like this, if everyone were to buy only used copies, there would be none. The few new copies sold would be bought up, people would be forced to download at a discounted price and as PG lost money the franchise would be shut down entirely. And all those new copies the whiners refuse to buy will be in the $5 bin at Wal Mart and Bayonetta does not deserve to go the way of Hasbro Game Night and every Madden game of an older year. But again, PG and Nintendo get their money because they make their money when they sell the games to the retailers. And no matter how many whiners there are, there are plenty of fans who will buy a New copy so they don’t run the risk of having damaged game ruin watching the sexy bespectacled witch strut her stuff. And the Wii U is decent hardware and deserves a place on every entertainment center. I got tired of Microsoft and their Xbox making me pay to play online. What is that? It’s ridiculous, that’s what. I sold it. I use my PS3 often not just for gaming but Netflix and Hulu and now I can do the same on my Wii U with HD graphics. Xbox live required me to pay to watch Hulu and Netflix other than me already paying my monthly subscriptions to said companies. But I digress. Don’t bitch about not giving them (PG, Nintendo) money because they are giving you WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANTED. Show some support for one of the oldest companies in the whole damned world. The company that SAVED the video game industry in the 80’s so that you could whine and bitch about how they aren’t catering to you today. GOD I wish i could slap you through this screen and spit in your mouth. You make me sick, honestly.

  15. HolyAngelX

    RoiDesCouers I agree entirely with your post, also I would like to ask the audience, if this hasn’t been asked already, who was willing to pick up PG after Sega dropped them because of a failing business economy? Sega put there major IP’s over PG and threw them to the way side. Nintendo was kind enough to get a new and potentially prospering studio and publish there titles. So the down side is its a Nintendo exclusive, that’s business. If you don’t want to support them then go ahead and don’t buy the game, buy products used blah blah blah. In then end your just showing that Bayonetta should not exist anymore because your just making sure no one deserving gets your money save the retailer you bought it from. Enjoy have fun go ruin another studio because of “fan boyism” and what ever other childish reason you can come up with. I BOUGHT MY WIIU NEW AND I PREORDERED BAYONETTA 2 AND I AM PROUD OF IT!! I ALSO STILL OWN BAYONETTA 1 FOR THE XBOX 360 AND MY WIFE JUST FINISHED PUTTING UP ALL MY BAYONETTA POSTERS THAT CAME FROM PREORDERING THAT GAME!!

  16. Babe

    1. Game would not exist without Nintendo publishing it.
    2. No way to make a high profile game for Wii U for multiple platforms besides PC, as the latest from microsoft and sony are not powerful enough. You can port a game from 360 to Wii U but the other way around doesnt make sense. Thats like porting a 360 game to PS2…

    1. Corey

      Most of the fanbois don’t understand very much about hardware.. The Wii U has a custom Radeon HD 6000 series, the ps3 had a Radeon 2000 series GPU and the 360 had the Nvidia equivalent of the 2000 series.

      No game on the market has pushed the Wii U. E3 is going to be fun to watch what the Wii U is capable of.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I’ve been reading all the comments, and they all just seem to repeat the same thing, but I gotta response to this one :D. Boykott isn’t over, it hasn’t even started. Why? There isn’t even the game to Boykott yet… 😦

  17. xboxlikewater

    You’re an idiot. There’s no reason to ‘boycott’ Platinum or Nintendo and you’re only doing it because you’re a whiny baby who is mad he has to buy a new console to play a new game. This has been happening for decades and it will continue to happen. To play GoW 3 you had to buy a PS3 (though I’m not sure why you would want to play a watered down version of DMC). For me it’s a positive that Bayonetta will be on the Wii U as the system’s power will mean that the game can have better graphics, enhanced AI, better shading, and all kinds of other shit.

  18. Kookie

    tyw214… What is your problem? Do you hate nintendo? Why? Is it because your favorite game is going to be a wii u exclusive? I had played the first bayonetta and to be honest I loved it and was waiting for a second version of this game. When I heard about Bayonetta 2 being released I was really happy and jumped for joy until I heard it’s only coming out for the “wii u” only.

    Yeah, I was like you mad and pissed off… but not mad enough to go extreme and make a petition to cancel Bayonetta 2 and kill the wii u. You need to think positive… for one be GRATEFUL Bayonetta 2 is being offered to you. Yeah I honestly know you have to turn around and buy a new console… and not only that , it is also a last generation console.

    First of all. All of us cannot assume the 720/Orbitz or A.K.A Ps4 will be a next generation console as well. We have no information about them yet. There is a bit of Leak for the 720 but for the Ps4 not really… spec wise anyway. We all wanted Nintendo to go HD on it’s games, and now since they finally doing it, we still talk trash about them.

    Give them a chance, they are new to this HD mess… They have to start somewhere, second thing, the wii u might have support DirectX9 but it can be upgraded to directX11… Besides we cannot judge what this system can do until someone steps up to the plate and make it have a run for it’s money.

    Instead of helping you boycott bayonetta 2 I will buy new copy of Bayonetta 2. Just for Platinum, I already have a nintendo wii u, just because Nintendo had owned up to their mistake and wants forgiveness… They want new and old fans to comeback to them as well as third software support, but like I stated above… the company is new to High dentition and it needs to start somewhere small and work from there, and that start is with the wii u.

    It is pricy, but the price will go down as soon as the next big “2” systems are released… Besides people did not complain when Ps3 costed $499 and above, so why complain? If you brought a ps3 and a x-box360 but complain about the wii u being just like ps3 and x-box 360 and do not want to buy it because it’s the same port as ps3 and x-box 360 only difference is lightening differences in the games we play.

    Why complain about it? If you brought those two, they mostly have the same specs… so the wii u is no different. Besides if Bayonetta 2 outsells the first Bayonetta and gets more player base sony and Microsoft will might want to buy the game and it might be ported to the Ps4 and 720 since those two are going to be the “up to date” system, and do not think for a second those two will have a low price for there systems. Higher graphic card= more money for the company to spend for that graphic card= Higher price for us gamers to buy the system. So either way, you are sol.

  19. Robert

    So let me see if I got this right. You’re gonna buy a used WiiU that you may pick up (even if the game is a next year release,) at best around $50 cheaper, then wait a week after the game is dropped, not get whatever the preorder is, and pick the game up for like $5 cheaper (if you get that much off)… Okay. I’ll still be laughing at whatever I get for my preorder that you guys won’t because you’re throwing a fit.

  20. diamond

    i could care less. i love bayonetta and if they decided to make it a Wii U exclusive, a lot of gamers will have to “get over it”…

  21. Cd

    Clearly this is one of the “dumbest” things I’ve ever seen. If a boycott were to actually succeed, that would likely be the end of the Bayonetta franchise. You *really* think another developer will pick it up for Sony or MS platforms with dismal sales? Not happening.

    So you are basically killing off Bayonetta with your efforts – nice!

    Now just to add a small kicker,like you I had stopped using the Wii a few years ago and moved to PS3. I did however buy a Wii U … I have a 7 year old, wasn’t expecting great things … tried it at store … okay .. not bad, not good … so so.

    The Wii U gets FAR more playtime than the PS3 now. You really have to live with it for a while. That being said, buy the Wii U used if you aren’t into it … but buying Bayonetta 2 that way will destroy the franchise.

  22. Solid

    Loving the idiots sucking Nintendos dick. You think we are all made of money? Would I like a Wii u? Depends on the games but for £200? Fuck no i’ve got better things to spend that money on. You guys want people to buy Bayonetta 2 so much? Fine send us some money until then i’m boycotting plat and will not finish Bayonetta 1 (Glad I bought it used now). Plat wonna screw me over then I never want to see a Bayonetta 3.

    1. Eric Sellers

      Ten bucks says you’re one of the hypocrites that bought the PS3 at launch for $599 USD even though you’re now complaining about the price of a Wii U.
      Get this through your head: Bay 2 would not exist without Nintendo’s efforts to fund it here.
      Sony and Micro had their shot at supporting it but never raised their hands.
      You want to get mad at someone?
      Get mad at them.
      ………Actually, no.
      Strike that.
      You don’t have the fucking RIGHT to be mad over this turn of events, because you were too cheap to even support the FIRST game in the franchise by buying new, when it was on the two more powerful systems!
      So yeah, chew on that for a while and reflect upon your actions.

      1. Solid

        All i’m hearing is “OH NINTENDO YOUR DICK IS SO BIG OH” Also I don’t own a PS3 as the ps3 has no games… just like the Wii U!

  23. Crash

    Here’s my question? What is so wrong, diabolic, menacing and life threatening about Nintendo or the Wii U? Seriously, as it stands is a good console with some games out, a LOT of amazing games announced for it, and massive potential! This whole boycott thing, every supporting comment has a lot of Nintendo hate. Why? It’s a bold statement to say a console has nothing that interests you, when the same console has every kind of game coming for it!

  24. wipeurassonpicturesideofdiskbeforesellingB2

    Bayonetta 2 would not even exist without Nintendo contributing a sum towards the development costs. This whole charade is futile. No-one except the very curious (myself included) will even look at this.

    Anyone buying ‘Used’ consoles and games from shops will let those shops know that there is demand for those goods and keep the interest in stocking those products. The game will have been bought initially but a few sales will be lost and thats inevitable. Some people haven’t got enough wealth to afford new or like to have soiled goods, whatever.

    IMPORTANT: – I urge everyone selling Bayonetta 2 on ebay after playing it to death before this guy, to sneeze into the box and wipe their arse on the picture side of the disc.

  25. zyzxxinfinity

    To be quite frank, this is one of the dumbest and most useless gaming blogs and WordPress accounts I have ever came across.

    This game will come out on Wii U, it will sell wonderfully, and none of your whining and “boycotting” is going to stop that. I, for one, have had it pre-ordered since announcement back in September 2012.

    Tell you what, I’ll even buy two new copies, to counteract your futile attempt at harming sales buy purchasing it used instead. What kind of ungrateful logic is that? More so, you *have* a Wii U, so why are you complaining? You should be grateful that Ninty is helping PG publish Bayonetta 2, when Sega shot the idea down.

    Again, the worst blog I have come across in a long time. Please stop while you have any shred of dignity left.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      Dignity…? is that worth money? is it delicious? Dignity is cheap, and even more worthless than this blog when you pull “dignity” on the internet lol. It seems people still do not understand the idea of this boycott…

      It’s not to dent the sales, it is only for self-gratification of knowing that me, MYSELF deprived PG and Ninty of a SINGLE sale, so that I can feel that tiny non-existent and probably meaningless sense of “victory” over PG and Ninty for making it exclusive because I am against that idea.

      And why would I want this game to sale badly anyways? There won’t be a Bayonetta 3 if this sold poorly right?

      And apparently people commenting here is concerned that There won’t be a Bayonetta 3 because of this blog telling others to buy the game and console used… :/

      Btw, there are already a ton of WiiU used on ebay… and discounts everywhere already… I expect even cheaper when Bayonetta 3 actually comes to North America… so I guess mission HALF-ACCOMPLISHED. 😀

  26. zyzxxinfinity

    Try again. You deprived them of ONE SALE? AMAZING! ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET FOR THIS REVOLUTIONARY! Please, get over yourself. I’ll buy a second copy on your behalf, rendering your “boycott’s” purpose of depriving Nintendo and PF of that one sale. For someone who supposedly enjoys the series, you have an ass-backwards way of logic.

    Bayonetta 3? Oh, has this already been confirmed? Care to source your rumors/speculations?

    In conclusion, you are a twat and a waste of bandwidth. Grow up and get over it.

  27. John

    So I’m confused. Is the point of this website to try and kill off the Bayonetta franchise? I mean you talk like you think the franchise is okay but then you are calling for a plan that will 100% ensure that no platform ever gets another Bayonetta game ever again…


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