Thank you!

One reader informed me that this blog was actually linked in a Kotaku article just days after this blog went live! I am both surprised and happy to know that such a prestigious video-game blog linked to this blog really surpassed my expectation!

Now the dust has settled for quite a while… WiiU wasn’t a smash hit like the Wii, there are used/refurbished WiiU everywhere, and we have yet seen any new game footage of Bayonetta 2, it could be a long wait till we actually get the product in the U.S….

Which is good, because by the time Bayonetta 2 WiiU will probably be around $150 used… (that’s just my estimate). After you finish the game, just sell the WiiU back 😀 knowing Platinum, there are probably no DLC for Bayonetta 2 just like the first, so I don’t think you’ll miss much anyways.

Once again, Thanks Kotaku! 😀



25 thoughts on “Thank you!

      1. DarkstarZero

        “Why should I? lol…” – Because you and this blog are stupid. The butthurt has pretty much died down now, so you are the only one bitching about it. lol…

        “What do I need to move on with? Bayonetta 2 isn’t even out yet…” What I’m saying is accept the fact that Bayonetta 2 would not exist without Nintendo and move on with your life.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      @DarkstarZero My life is moving along just fine, thank you very much :o. I love ranting on free time, and I also think this blog is stupid and I am pretty sure I am the only one still bitching about it as well… That will not stop me from obtaining the gratification that I get for going through with my plan 😀

    2. Mercury

      Exactly, I don’t even think they realize that Nintendo assisted in the funding for this game, and also published this game. Otherwise Bayonetta 2 wasn’t going to see the light of day, because Sega had no interest in giving the game another chance, so there was only going to be Bayonetta 1. There were complaints about the first game not having DLC, but some games have DLC to improve on what was actually an incomplete game.

      Just like Killer Instinct will be on the Xbox One exclusively (you know the game console that requires you to sign in every 24 hours or you won’t be able to play on it, and eventually will become nothing more than a paper weight when the console is no longer supported). They can either buy the systems that give them the games they like, and if they don’t want to buy one then they can move on to the consoles that they like. Killer Instinct didn’t start on an Xbox Console either, it is what it is, but whenever its Nintendo its a problem, even with first party Nintendo games that some wish were on other consoles so they want Nintendo to retire from making consoles. They need to just buy the console and STFU.

      Some hate the Wii U because they are following other people saying that its not a next gen console, but its a successor… sooooo it is next gen. Graphics don’t make a system next gen, and even the dumb a$$es agree with me even if they don’t realize it because the PC continues to blow consoles out of the water graphically and is far more capable, so the PS4 and the Xbox 1 are not even next gen with that argument because PC gaming has already been there and is still superior in visuals. So I say STFU and keep gaming and a variety of gaming alive. You know damn well that Nintendo has different types of gaming and if they complain that consoles are not alike then they can’t complain that there is too much of the same stuff, it makes no sense and some have to see it on paper to realize that they are destroying what they love. Capcom went with what brats thought they wanted in a new Resident Evil game, and RE6 got a ton of complaints.

      I’m buying a Wii U & a PS4, I already own an awesome PC rig and last gen consoles so I enjoy gaming to the fullest the way I want, i’m not a follower, I play wtf I like. The arguments should be against companies trying to put up restrictions on stuff that we spend our money on, and that’s exactly why Xbox One is receiving a lot of heat.

      Wii U $299
      PS4 $399
      Xbox One $499
      Ouya $99
      Onlive Console $99
      Mobile $(Varies)
      PC $(Varies)

      Buy what you want

  1. Everybody

    Wow, this guy is still here?
    Hey, thanks for making it obvious as to how stupid Nintendo-haters are. You’re doing the world a service by showing third parties that a smarter audience will better appreciate their games if they develop them exclusively for the Wii U.

  2. Phillip Hughes

    Is this honestly a blog? Attacking Platinum Games, a company that are making fun, and fresh games. Bayonetta is prob the best hack and slash game ever made, and you want to talk shit? Go talk shit about Cod a game that comes out every year purely for money. Why talk shit about a good company that isnt afraid to make a game they want to make and not some generic FPS? I just don’t undestand… If it wasn’t for Nintendo Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t even exist. You sir are ignorant.

  3. Chandler

    So instead of being thankful that Bayonetta gets another shot you are rallying the fanbase up to put a dagger into the IP, burying it for good and forever. You are a true Fan.

  4. jamie briggs

    Do what you want and forget the haters you have a right to speak, no one is forcing them to listen the fact that they follow this site means you are important to them and you are getting heard, I agree with you and support you. Besides Bay2 being on wii u is just like being in purgatory anyways and the sales are always going to be low no matter the console. sharing isn’t wrong

  5. Nintendo Fanboy

    I haven’t actually considered buying Bayonetta 2, but because of this blog, I am DEFINITELY going to buy my Wii U and Bayonetta 2 NEW next year.

    Well, not really. I only buy Nintendo consoles and Bayonetta 2 seems to be an awesome game from what I’ve seen.

    Oh yeah, and the reason why I don’t have a Wii U now is because I’m still playing my Wii games. 🙂

  6. LOL@Author

    How pathetic. The game wouldn’t even exist without Nintendo and yet you’re still butthurt about it being an exclusive? Stop being such a self-entitled little bitch, support Platinum by purchasing the game new and get over what ever piddly-ass problems you have with Nintendo.

    Or, you know, continue being childish about the situation, attempt to convince people to boycott the game and watch it fail when it releases. You’re definitely going to get what you want when that happens, because Platinum will conclude that people do not want Bayonetta any more and we’ll never get another game in the series. You’ll definitely be celebrating that victory, won’t you?

    1. tyw214 Post author

      not a whole lot of convincing i needed to do apparently. Less than 40k sold on opening week of the game on a console with 2 million units install base in Japan. The game sold better on the X360 in Japan which had LESS consoles lifetime than WiiU lol.

      1. Lorenzo Tierra

        So what do you want? For XBone to be a success in Japan? Scalebound is exclusive to it, are you planning to get it just because it is on XBox One?

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