Bayonetta 2 JP week opening sales 38,828

In contrast…

The original Bayonetta sold 135,242 copies on PlayStation 3 and 64,325 copies on Xbox 360 in its opening week in Japan.
Lol… sold less than a game on the XBOX 360. ’nuff said. 😀


9 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 JP week opening sales 38,828

  1. lunchbox87

    lol wont change anything….its on the wii U and will stay on the wii U and it will sale well enough and since PG already got payed they dont care they just care about making games so stay buttblasted

    1. DJ Mikey

      Some problems with your theory.

      Nintendo sank money into Bayonetta 2 they need it to be profitable, not PG!!

      Bayonetta 1 out sold Bayonetta 2, on PS3 alone 64k. To address an argument, I saw somewhere, that you can’t compare sales sequels with the sales of the originals. That’s completely wrong sequels without fail sell in greater numbers, because when the sequel comes along the franchise is already established. Call of Duty – for all of it’s awfulness is a shining example of this. (CoD) total sales 1.7 million, (CoD: Ghosts) total sales 14.5 million and the series peaked with (CoD: Black Ops 2) total sales 24.2 million.

      I know Japan is the “Land of the Handheld” and consequently Bayonetta 2 sales figures are higher than expected. But America and the UK are the “Land of the Console” and the WiiU is being out sold by, well, everything else. Bayonetta 2 struggled to sell in the 1 place where the majority of the WiiU’s market is, this is attributed to the fact Bayonetta as a franchise was always more successful outside of Japan. So theoretically US and UK sales figures should exceed the Japanese sales figures, but realistically they won’t because fewer people own the only platform which Bayonetta 2 appears on. With these latest development, more people will wait on news of a port – instead of immediately going and buying a Wii. With it’s niche market and largely cult following Bayonetta 2 was never going to be a console seller anyway.

      It won’t be announced straight away, but in January or so Nintendo will start hinting at a Bayonetta 2 port – in an attempt to try and claw back some of the money that Nintendo is haemorrhaging because of the WiiU. If they’re smart they port it to Xbox and Playstation

      1. anonymoususer

        just minor correction. Bayo 1 on XBOX360 in Japan… X360 IN JAPAN sold more Bayo 1 than Bayo 2 on WiiU lol… this is beyond laughable.

      2. lunchbox87

        You are joking right ? They will port one of their games to the the Xbox or play-station ? You guys are moronic and on top of that you are all childish you claim to be fans of the game yet you are hoping for a flop for hopes of a port because you are too too stubborn to buy A wii U …fans will do what ever it takes to get the things they love hell I bought aps3 just to play metal gear solid 4 and picked up some nice games along the way …so you guys keep living your fantasy world thinking Nintendo will give away one of their exclusives…40K in days yeah thats a real fail …

      3. lunchbox87

        Also note that the wii U is at a nice 7 million way above what the 360 and the ps3 was at the time of bayo 1 release so yeah with that and the fact that the special bundle in Europe sold out in less than a day after being announced its going to make them money .

  2. B-b-but but.......muh port!

    Don’t worry guys. I’ll let you know about all the fun I have when I play Bayonetta 2 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U. Such a shame that you guys are gonna miss out because you guys are too poor to afford such a top quality experience. I’ll let you guys know what happens in the story and everything so you guys don’t miss out. Its gonna be really fun. 🙂

  3. InfoMan

    Minor question – How can we have the week 1 Sales of Bayonetta 2 when the game hasn’t even been out a week? This is what happens when you don’t vet your sources nor fully understand the information before you jump to a conclusion.

    Sales site every one links is an automated report that is of the Week of sept. 15th. (that is sept 15-21st.) Bayonetta 2 was released Sept. 20th, literally the day before the cut off date for that report. Having effectively less then 2 business days of sales, it still to placed 3rd on the charts of sales for that week.


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