Bayonetta 2 Japan First Week Sold-through Rate, 67%

Hahaha… Oh the misery never ends for this. 67% of its shipment? This means, if 38,282 is 67% of the shipment, there are only around 58,000 copies shipped lol. Which means that the game is going to have life time total less than Bayo 1’s XBOX 360 sales alone rofl.


3 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Japan First Week Sold-through Rate, 67%

  1. Kleber

    So you want a game to bomb because it didn’t go to your console of choice? Wow such a big fan you are /sarcastic clap/. And the numbers available are only for the first 2 days while the ones for the original are after the forth. Also the Japanese market has gone through such big changes in the mean time with interest shifting towards handhelds that you can’t expect the number to not be reduced.
    Also by boycotting it you are definitely killing every single chance of he franchise you love getting a third game.

  2. lunchbox87

    No you dumb@ss it means Nintendo knew how many they were going to sell meaning they are right on track with the numbers they want lol you can cry all you want butt you will miss out because its not getting ported fy reviews are pouring in 10/10 almost all across the board saying its better than bayo 1 so better get that wii U already

  3. Nch

    Wow, just wow, man. You just prefer the game to fail on a fine console just because you don’t want to pay and move on other platforms. You have been so brainwashed about how better other consoles are (PS3/PS4/X360/XBone) that you prefer the platform over the games. You, ms., are not a gamer, but just a petty marketing pawn.
    If you don’t like Nintendo, Ok, just move on, they where the only people that wanted to publish the game. Rant Sony, Microsoft or Sega for not taking the game under their wing, not Nintendo for making it happen. You don’t want to pay full price? Just wait, buy a refubrished or used Wii U and a used copy of Bayonetta 2 an year or two from now, and voilá!
    Don’t be the guy everyone hates.


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