Bayonetta Attach Rate Examined, X360 and PS3 better than WiiU

I’ve seen on several gaming site’s comment section regarding attach rate of Bayonetta 2 on WiiU, and touted it as a great number.

This is laughable if they actually did some home work and research and math.

According to Siliconera which tracks Media Create sales, when Bayonetta 1 was released in Japan, there was approximately, 3.73 Miilion PS3 units sold in Japan (1). And Since Xbox 360’s lifetime total was overtaken by WiiU several months back already (2), we can assume, X360 probably have around similar number as WiiU’s current number.

Let’s break it down then.

PS3 Bayo 1 Release Number: 135,242 ; PS3 Unit Number: 3.73 Million
X360 Bayo 1 Release Number: 64,325 ; X360 Unit Nubmer: ~ 1.8 Million (estimate)
WiiU Bayo 2 Release Number: 38,828 ; WiiU Unit Number: 1,930,287 (3)

It doesn’t take a math genius to see WiiU Bayo 2 even has less attach rate than the original. Attach rate can be calculated by Release Number / Unit Numb.

Thanks to PG’s hasty Business decision, we might never see Bayo 3.
(1), (3)


24 thoughts on “Bayonetta Attach Rate Examined, X360 and PS3 better than WiiU

  1. Wagging Finger

    hahaha, This site is still here. This individual is so butt hurt. Us wii u owners are gonna be having a blast playing this while this person sulks around making stupid posts. So long sucker. Bayonetta shall be enjoyed. Good times ahead.

    1. iceazeama

      haha yeah what a fucking loser. I hope he never gets to play this game. He clearly is a huge fan of bayonetta and he has a chance to play the sequel because nintendo was the only one willing to fund it. If he was really that big of a fan he would be happy and buy the fucking system to play a game that he otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to play.

      This guy started a whole page about it lmao what a social reject.

  2. Giordi Diodato

    I was still a bit on the fence about getting Bayonetta 2. But seeing this BS, it’s obvious that I’m gonna get the game day 1 just so I can see you cry. BTW, Bayonetta 1 flopped in Japan as well. Also, the game has been out, what, barely a week in Japan? Judging it by this, it could do better than both of those other games.

  3. Rich Ram

    What a sad, sad little blog. Stop complaining and be happy that Bayo 2 even exists. I’ll be happy gamer playing it DAY 1, while you’ll be busy whining and not having fun.

  4. droidboy11

    Define “The Right Way” to me. Oh let me guess, “Real” games don’t belong on Nitendo consoles?

    We only have the japanese numbers right now. Console and console game sales are much worse now a days then back when Bayonetta 1 came out. So account for that.

    Boycotting Bayonetta 2 will defiantly not give you Bayonetta 3 on other consoles. PG has tried and tried again to make Bayo 2, no one wanted it. Even crowdfunding probably wouldn’t make enough. Nintendo stood up, I don’t see how it makes it a hasty decision since it was after PG put it on the back burner for possibly good before Nintendo.

    Baoycotting Bayonetta 2 will make people don’t want Bayonetta back at all. Grow up please.

  5. jon

    you do have a valid point on the Japanese numbers… but this is a sequel that should have happened 4 years ago… people have forgotten

  6. GetOverIt

    “Thanks to PG’s hasty Business decision, we might never see Bayo 3”
    We weren’t supposed to see a Bayo 2 to begin with. Sega was pretty much ready to condemn Bayo to oblivion.

  7. Lorenzo Tierra

    And you never answered the question, what if Bayonetta had been made for the PS4 and/or Xbox One? You would still have need to buy a new console.

  8. Max

    Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t exist without Nintendo’s money and faith. You are complaining about something that couldn’t have been avoided. It was either Wii U exclusive or nothing.

  9. Ghost

    I see in the future bayo 2 will out in ps 3/4 and xb360/one,in the past many year ago will be same like resident evil 4 in gamecube was downfall sale of the world,will be the same.

  10. PS4merda

    LOL! You are dying for Bayonetta 2, man! Buy a Wii U and put the PS4 in your bottom! Cereza is only on Wii U, you can only continue make us laughing! You are dying!!! LOL


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