Bayonetta 2 Lifetime Sales in Japan… probably less than 60K

So… week 2 sales has been posted by Japanese trackers…. 6,970 copies sold in the week after the first “2 days.” Like I’ve said before, the first week number (even if it’s just 2-3 days of sales data) is a good enough indicator on how the game will do overall, but some of you seems to not understand. Now after a full week, it didn’t do much better did it? At this pace, the game will probably end up with Lifetime sales of less than 60K in Japan… a number pathetic even compared to Bayo 1’s Xbox360 number…



38 thoughts on “Bayonetta 2 Lifetime Sales in Japan… probably less than 60K

  1. Lorenzo Tierra

    I am sure by now, you have money to buy a Wii U. It is the cheapest of the 3 consoles. PS4 still too expensive. And you never replied anything about if Bayonetta 2 had been relased on XB1/PS4. That you would still need to buy a new console to play it. Or are you saying Nintendo should only make games for kids?

  2. tmad13

    This blog pairs nicely with the one where I bitch and moan about not being able to play The Last of Us on my Gamecube. I’ve ruined both the PS3 and PS4 discs trying, but they just won’t fit!

    Guess I’ll just have to keep playing great Nintendo exclusives like Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles and the Last Story until I figure it out.

  3. Kleber

    You went full retard by doing this blog
    never go full retard.
    Lorenzo Up there has probably the best answer possible.

    1. chris

      Good choice :), man buy Wonderful 101 as well, it looks kiddy but it’s platinum at their best and the comedy is a pretty good parody of power rangers as well.

  4. Lorenzo Tierra

    The game has been released. So far it has not been a failure, but you never answered the question… what if Bayonetta had been exclusive for PS4 or X Box One? I am not making fun of you or anything, so please answer the question so we can understand you better. Define as well, what is hardcore? Also from what I can tell, you are a girl and perhaps from Asia or Latin America.

  5. AllGamesWelcome

    So let me get this straight, You plan on screwing over nintendo, and platinum, by cutting them out, ensuring that a new bayonetta game is never releasing, and punishing nintendo for taking a chance on a game that goes against the grain and was never that popular in the first place? you know your plan lacks any semblance of logic right? In the end, You’re screwing yourself over as a Bayonetta fan. Nobody wanted to make this game. Nintendo took a chance to make this game happen. Where they planning on using this to sell consoles? oh course. Any game, any exclusive, is meant to sell consoles. Punishing them for simply trying to make a profit is pretty shitty of you. You would have no Bayonetta 2 without nintendo, yet you want them to fail. You want Platinum to fail. You both of them to never make another Bayonetta game because the “fans” are working against the developer and acting like spoiled children.

  6. Joeblow

    I cant believe this blog has been active for this long. How have you not fallen in a hole and died yet?

    P.S Your a retard.

  7. AllGamesWelcome

    The thing that boggles my mind is this idea that by sabotaging the sales of the game will make platinum make the game non-exclusive. Let’s forget right now that the stereotype that the nintendo consoles are strictly family consoles (spoiler: they’re not, Nintendo has had a pretty good history of hardcore gaming, Eternal darkness, and RE4 are prime examples) and just look at the facts. Bayonetta wasn’t a popular game. iT gained popularity a few years after it’s release, gaining cult status. At that point the popularity didn’t do squat for Sega and Platinum because of the used game sales undermining the sales as a whole. Production of new games doesn’t last very long, it’s not like video with new editions on new formats all the time, it’s one maybe 2 production lines for small somewhat unpopular games like bayonetta. Sega didn’t want another cult hit, whose sales would be driven by used game sales like the first one. so It didn’t give Bayonetta another go. Neither did the other third party publishers Platinum tried, or even sony or microsoft as first party publishers. Nintendo came in and did what they’ve done in the past, getting a really good hardcore exclusive to try and combat that false stereotype. Why fault them for breathing new life into a dead project just because they hoped to profit?

  8. loonie

    Funny blog. While in Japan, overall physical copy sales are a little lackluster, US and Euro sales would be better overall. Where are the digital sales? Besides some people would pick it up along the road but not this time though. Probably next year.

  9. chris

    Heeeey here’s an idea, rather then bitching at the console and how evil EVIIIL Nintendo decided to fund the game when no one else would, how about…oh I don’t know…buying the game to show support for a sequel? Oh I know it’s a pretty out there idea I thought so too but it just might work.
    I love people like you, nintendo’s shit because they have no mature exclusives well guess what we got and then you bitch even more, hell according to platinum the reason bayonetta 2 is as of high quality as it is, is becuase Nintendo pushed them i’m only a few chapters in and it’s already better then bayo 1 for me.

    Maybe if you idiots bought the game rather then help it fail, we’d see a bayonetta 3 all your doing is saying it’s not on our console of choice so the game itself should’nt exist, how pathetic.

  10. Mio Hinasaki

    Let’s look at this in a different perspective.

    Ever heard of Fatal Frame? It used to be a PS2/Xbox game from 1-2 and then Fatal Frame 3 became a PS2 exclusive. Then one fine day, Nintendo went to bed with Tecmo and Fatal Frame IV Mask of the Lunar Eclipse was born. Actually, Grasshopper games was part of the orgy but that’s another story. By right of birth it naturally became a Wii exclusive. Like Bayonetta, there was butthurt all over the place. This was in the pre-Twitter era, so the salt wasn’t as thick and widespread way back then. However, some fans ( myself included ) petitioned for a PS3/Xbox 360 release which, ofcourse , never happened. Others even went as far as to BOYCOTT the game. Fancy that, doing a boycott for a game on a console none of them owned. Does this sound familiar? Anyway, everyone knew it wouldn’t sell well in the Wii anyway. As predicted, it didn’t sell well. Does the story end there ? No. Lo and behold a remake of Fatal Frame 2 came out in 2012 for the Wii. And it sold BILLIONS of copies. Actually, less than 200K TOTAL WORLD WIDE. Now there is a Japan-only Fatal Frame V for the Wii U and sales are even less than Bayonetta 2. 10 points to you if you saw a pattern there.

    Moral of the story? Nintendo is loaded with dough, a shitload of it. Nintendo will keep on FUNDING Platinum and Tecmo or any other third party studio for that matter to make more Nintendo exclusive titles, even if these sell only about 200-500K units, and that’s being charitably optimistic. Why? They NEED those filler titles to keep their gaming library a bit more robust in between the release of the big titles like Mario, Zelda and yadayadyada.

    The bottom line is buying 2nd hand Bayonetta 2 games will not do squat for anybody.

    So, let it go. Let it go, let it go…………………….

  11. Daniel Stevenson

    Hey lets make a website to troll my favorite game of all thier right just look around you you setting your self up to get fired guy it’s not worth kid just move on with your life.. You clearly want attention men this is the wrong way to go about it do me a favor don’t ever buy a Wii U or Bayonetta for that matter because your so butthurt to the point it sadden me :’-(

  12. Zephyrr

    Ok, yes. Bayonetta 2 is not selling well, but looking around at the rest of this blog I don’t think you really know how bad it could have been. I’ve been following Bayonetta 2 since before any of the big 3 consoles were revealed. Did you fucking know that Bayonetta 2 wasn’t originally going to happen? Both Microsoft and Sony explicitly stated they did not want Bayonetta 2 on their systems. Nintendo saw the opportunity and took it in attempt to get a game that would bring sales to their system. If Nintendo didn’t get a hold of Bayonetta 2 then it wouldn’t have been released, and because of the sales it’s not going to get released on other systems most likely. I couldn’t find the article I had read years ago, but if you need proof you need not look any further than Kamiya-san’s recent comment on the situation. Sega cut funding midway through development so Platinum went looking for a company to support it, neither Sony or Microsoft wanted it, but Nintendo jumped on the opportunity. Bayonetta ended well enough, if you don’t want to get a Wii U and play it then just enjoy what you have, but stop being a whiny bitch about what you didn’t get, they owe you fucking nothing.

  13. wez

    Sad fucks like yourself need to get a life! Without Nintendo’s support and their money Bayonetta 2 would not exist at all, full stop. It’s clear you are obsessed with the game, so go out and trade in your old consoles/games to get it! You should thank Nintendo for the game existing instead of trying to fuck up their sales, that’s not what gaming is about fucko!

  14. MLast

    Dude, get over it. The game exists because Nintendo paid for it.
    The right way to play it is to play it on the only system that it will ever be available for. Quit crying like a child and get the game. I’ve beaten it already. It’s a great game.
    So, either you play it on Wii U or you will never play it.

    It is up to you, sport.

  15. Name (required)

    According to VGChartz, Bayonetta 2 sold more in its first week than Bayonetta on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 combined, globally. Looks like it’s doing really well, despite your “predictions”.

  16. Tengen

    Wow, I can’t believe this fucking blog exists.

    Neither Microsoft OR Sony wanted to back Bayonetta 2. Only Nintendo saw promise with it and offered their support. Why the hell SHOULDN’T they have gotten exclusive rights to the game afterwards?

    I mean, what is your stance? That forcing them to go back to M$ and Sony would somehow be better for all parties involved?

    As a fan of the first Bayonetta, I’d rather have had my damn sequel and have it on a different console than normal than not have it at all because it didn’t come on my console of choice.

    And having played the game and seen how absolutely freaking incredible everything was, from the online to the slick combat, I am incredibly irked a the idea of a fellow fan INTENTIONALLY not supporting the creators for this great product because it wasn’t released on a platform they dislike.


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