I am a big fan of Bayonetta, and seeing it go exclusive really got on my nerve… So I started the blog. You are free to use/quote/distribute anything you see here! ENJOY :D~

So here is the dumb crap idiotic author’s brief bio.

Age: ??
3-Size: B?H?W?
Likes: Video games, piano, violin, Vocaloid
Dislike: Spiders, or bugs with lots of tiny little legs…
Systems owned: PC, PS3, PSP, PSV, DSLite (for Pokemon :D)
Preferred: PC (I’d play everything on PC if I could :x)


43 thoughts on “About

  1. Your fucking worst nightmare

    you are a cunt.

    And yes I am a xbox fanboy. You bring shame to the gaming community. So what if its exclusive? it’s one game get the fuck over it you sad little boy.

    Much love

    Your fucking worst nightmare

  2. Calooom

    What a terrible excuse of bandwidth, web-space and time this “boycott” website is.

    Nintendo securing exclusivity of Bayonetta 2 is just what “fanboys” like yourself were crying out for when people like you deemed Nintendo to be “kiddy” and not taking the “core” seriously. It finally happens and yet you still moan and bitch and assume that by creating a pathetic WordPress blog, Platinum Games will turn around and go “OH NO, WE’VE MADE A MISTAKE!” Quite simply, it’s not going to happen.

    As described by various articles around the web, it’s people such as yourself that make actual gamers look bad and pathetic. You seriously need to get a change of attitude and accept that you’ll have to buy a Nintendo console if you wish to carry on playing games from this great franchise.

    Grow up and instead of creating cheap, shit websites, actually finish your English homework on spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  3. Pillow Talk

    It’s like I’ve traveled back in time to elementary school and the kids were debating over Sega or Nintendo being better. Now those kids have grown up and… are still kids, at least mentally.

  4. dunre646

    this is just sad and your “point” of “You probably never even played the first Bayonetta” is incorrect, a lot of Wii owners also have at least a Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 or both.

  5. Zachary Schultz

    Dude Bayonetta 2 was cancelled! Nintendo is being nice enough to let the product get developed and released. Your an idiot just buy a damn Wii u, Who fucking cares man. Sony and Microsoft will be leaving video game industry anyway due to to many failed consoles. and Nintendo and PC’s will be the only ones left around so be ready. Stop Being a baby and get a damn Wii U its already got more Hardcore shit on it then Nintendo Land shit anyway. Third party games out number Mario and Zelda and Metroid games. Mario Kirby and Pokemon are prolly the closest to half kids half adults like type games.

  6. i-c-h

    Wow… like Bayonetta was not exclusive on PS3 and 360 – or was there a Nintendo-version, or a PC-Version maybe?

    And you do call yourselfe a “Bayonetta-Fan”? You are just a Nintendo-Hater, that’s all this is about. Buying a PS4 or XBOX”whatever it will be called” wouldn’t be so much of a problem for you, would it?

    As a Bayonetta fan, you should be happy to at least get a option of playing another part of the game.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      Buying a 3DS for Bayonetta 2 wouldn’t be much of a problem either. I’d gladly buy the 3DS for Bayonetta 2 since I have come to know that DS have the games (i.e. Senran Kagura, Pokemon, etc.) I like, while base on the history of the Wii, Wii U would not have that many games I would like.

  7. Pocky

    Face it you’re a Sony fanboy. I mean you posted a pic of all the systems you own and the only Nintendo system you own is a DS. Just accept that the only reason you don’t like that Nintendo’s Wii U is getting the game as an exclusive (thanks to them funding a freaking cancelled title) is because you hate Nintendo. Just admit it and close this stupid blog already. It’s pointless. Your supposed “rebuttles” suck and your grammar leaves much to be desired.

    1. tyw214 Post author

      I’m sorry my English left you frustrated as English is not my first language. I am looking for a copy-editor at the moment too 😀

      Why do I hate Nintendo…? I played Pokemon growing up… I even have Pokemon cards! Watching Pokemon on WB Kids on Saturday morning is where I learned a lot of conversational English! Mario was fun while I was young. I had a black/white Gameboy.

      I have already listed why I am not a fan of WiiU home console anymore, and you can find that in some of my response.. maybe I should reiterate my stance on this in a separate post…

  8. Bryan

    YOU guys are fucking sad someone will have to buy the Wii U and Bayonetta 2 “NEW” in order for you RETARDS to buy them “USED” SO this just defeats the whole purpose of this boycott

    1. tyw214 Post author

      There will be enough to go around for everyone who wants to this route. Trust me. Those people who dont’ go this route, isn’t going to buy the Wii U or the game in the first place. Nothing will be gained/lost. Business as usual.

  9. VerdeICe

    Honestly. A game people want comes out and it is a bad thing huh. No that’s not it.
    A game IP that was going to die is revived and its not being supported by its fans? I dont know.
    A game company that’s been around for many years, since IDK, before I was born, decides to pick up something that was forgotten and that is bad? Sounds crazy.

    A site is made because some disagree with the platform of said game with no real illegitimate reasoning? Ignorant? I dont know.

    Do you want to know the consequences of a game that dose not sell well?

    It dies. Be proud that you bought a used bayonetta. But do not blame Nintendo if you never see the game again.

    Sticking it to the man right? I am not a Nintendo fan boy, I am a gamer. Fuck if anyone knows the definition of that anymore.


  10. jamie briggs

    I support you and hope this works out because it wouldn’t sell on the wii u anyways,keep up the good work.

  11. soy

    i was furious to find a blog like this on the internet. i know internet contain a lot of rubbish, but oh my god…

    1. u insist the nintinprik (u call it that way, not me) didn’t do any good to bayonetta. well everyone here know that nintendo rescued bayonetta since sega couldn’t afford to. PG themself couldn’t chose a better term “nintendo white knighting the project”. bloody google it.
    2. ur solution is to buy used games so nintendo wouldn’t get a thing?? oh my… such young and inexperienced gamer. nintendo already got the dollars when they made the game. game shops buys consoles and discs from nintendo and suffer the loss themself if they can’t sell them. YOUR SOLUTION ARE HURTING BAYONETTA, and PG.
    3. in some post u actually hate PG… seriously how old are u? 12?? every desperate sonic fans know that it was never sega’s fault that sonic have became like this. sometimes they whine, but none actually hate sega. adult gamers know to support the developers, not to insult them like a bunch of hippies on any environmental issues.
    4. u actually OWN a wii u?!?!?! but u didn’t want bayonetta to be on wii u?!?!?! wtf are your problem?!?!?! it’s like drinking a bloody thirst quenching starbucks in the blistering heat of a desert, and complaining that starbucks doesn’t taste good, u wish u have a cola instead, in front of other people that almost die from thirst. YOU ARE THE WORST KIND OF FANBOY THIS GAMING WORLD DIDN’T DESERVE.

    BUT AM I GLAD to see the comment section where real gamers and intelligent fanboys (yes most of them are actually pretty smart) united to trash ur puny stupid site.
    if there’s any hacker with a conscience and some free time around here, i think this blog deserve a deletion before it spread the hate and mislead more souls out there.

  12. EpicU

    Attention much?
    You know Bayonetta 2 will never come to PS3/Xbox 360/PS4/Xbox One unless Nintendo breaks the exclusivity.
    Besides, kid, get a damn Wii U and enjoy the range of games Nintendo has to offer. I chose the Wii U over the PS4 and Xbox One so I could play fully polished games with decent graphics and platformers.

    I don’t always play platformers but when I do I play it 2D.

  13. Andrew

    trying not to be baited into it but yes, i agree with most of these comments. Bayonetta was an exclusive before Nintendo took it on. Read Kamiya’s thoughts on this. NOT ONE PUBLISHER STEPPED UP EXCEPT FOR NINTENDO. and you obviously have never played monster hunter 3, wonderful 101, pikmin 3, hyrule warriors, mariokart 8, or Windwaker in 1080p. believe me if you get a Wii U, there will be plenty of titles for you to enjoy, including the magnificent upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X

  14. CC

    Play Bayonetta 2 the “right way”? Really? Is there a wrong way? Do you know how commerce works? If someone already bought the game and you get a used copy, SOMEONE ALREADY BOUGHT THE GAME. You’re not “sticking it to the man”. You’re not a revolutionary. You’re not boycotting. You’re an idiot.

  15. getoverit

    You played Bayo on PS3? No wonder you’re so angry. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it deserves repeating: without Nintendo, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO BAYONETTA 2! Now thanks to Nintendo, everyone’s chances of playing Bayo2 went up from 0.00 to >0.00. Perhaps, one day Bayo2 will be ported over to your platform of choice.

  16. getoverit

    By the way, if Bayo2 were to bomb, it means there’s less chance that Sega would pick Bayo back up and release on multiple platforms. Conversely, if it were to ultimately succeed, Sega might pick it up and release on X1/PS4/PC. Encouraging used sales would not help in this regard.

  17. MattGeff

    It is because of people like you that Bayonetta 3 will be probably never launched. I wonder if you know that without Nintendo, Bayonetta 2 would never be released. When Hideki Kamiya asked Sony to help the financement his game, they said no “because of the sales of the first episode”. Microsoft (even if the Xbox 360 was better to play to Bayonetta) answered the same way. You know why ? Because they were too scared to lost their precious money…
    Nintendo offered money, they offered people and they offered help in programmation. But it also offered more. They offered hope. They saw the true potential of a game like Bayonetta. They offered hope to programming staff, which will be relieved to see their game released tomorrow in Europe. But they also offered hope to TRUE fans. They permitted them to see and play the sequel of their beloved game.
    I said TRUE because you’re not a fan. You’re exactly the opposite. You are sentencing Bayonetta 2 to the hell of unsold games by your stupidity. I’m sorry, mate, but when you’re a true fan, you’re not boycotting the game you like. You support it by all the possible ways you can. And it begins by buying the game AND the console. And by buying them UNUSED.
    You see, I’m not a Bayonetta fan. I’ve never played to the first episode, only the demo of the second. But I will buy the two games, the original and Bayonetta 2. On Wii U, because, whether you like it or not, this is where you’ll find the ultimate Bayonetta experience. When I compare our points of view, I can conclude by this way :

    I’m more a Bayonetta fan than you will never be.

    A person who try to show a bit of intelligence in this blog

  18. Mitchyy

    Haha I can’t believe you made this stupid website, you need to get a life it’s a fucking video game. If it wasn’t for Nintendo funding it the game would never been made as the first one tanked in sales on both the PS3 and 360.

    I have a Wii U, Xbox One and getting a PS4 soon and the Wii U is so much better than what people think, Do your self a favour go out side and get a life or go out and get a Wii U and Bayonetta 2. I highly recommend both.

    What’s next ? A website on why Smash Bros should be on PS4 or Why you can’t get a girlfriend.

  19. MK

    Bayonetta 2 is exclusive for a fucking reason. It was funded almost entirely by nintendo. No other company offered to help platinum.

    So of course it’s going to be a wii U exclusive.

  20. Schnösel

    You are a disgusting person.If it was funded by Nintendo why should it no be exclusive you dense “fan”. You are doing your a credibility not really a favor by being this dumb.

  21. Super Mario

    Boycott a game for a console you don’t owe? That’s a smart one dumbass haha and for your information the 1st game didn’t do well in sales on the ps3 and xbox 360 that’s why Nintendo funded it.

    Another note you got the ps3 version of the original bayonetta and you are complaining about 2 being on the Wii U which also comes with the Original which runs 100 times better than the ps3 version which was the shittest version.

    Also you spent all this time making this dumb boycott webpage for a game?

    Get outside more often and breath the fresh air instead of the smell of your parents basement.

  22. Du_aer_en_jaevla_hora

    You have to be stupidest asshole alive… I have seen some dumb motherfuckers in my time but you take the cake!


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