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How Bayonetta 2 will have enough used copies for anyone that want to buy Used.

I’ve seen a decent amount of comments on this site regarding the availability of used copies of Bayonetta 2. I hate to tell you all the truth, but there WILL BE USED Bayonetta 2 simply because there WILL BE people who will sell it after playing it, or don’t like it.

There is no recent major releases that you CANNOT find a used copy of the game (some even appear like 2 days after release date on Gamestop shelves) unless your name is Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 (NA version), or some VERY VERY niche game. If you believe there will be NO USED copies of Bayonetta 2, then what you are essentially saying is:

1. Bayonetta 2 will only be bought by hardcore fans of Bayonetta 2
2. Bayonetta 2 have no mass appeal on the Wii U and is not going to sell well, and
3. That you believe there are A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT WILL FOLLOW THE “ADVICE” on this site…

When Bayonetta 2 gets bought by a Wii U owner, there really is no doubt that there will be used copies.

The kinds of people that will really buy Bayonetta 2 used:

A. Someone who followed the “advice” on this site;
B. A curious window shopper that may pick up Bayonetta 2 used for cheap (I mean like $20),
C. Someone tight on cash but likes Bayonetta 2

And unless you think there are a lot of A, B, and C type of people, the supply of Bayonetta 2 will outstrip the demand. If indeed the demand for used outstrips the used supply, then I am very happy that what I had in mind was accomplished.

What I wanted, through this blog is for people to buy as many used copies of Bayonetta 2 copies as possible, as not to create new sales. Creating a equilibrium of sort between the supply and demand.

Do you really think I am naive, that the internet (and Bayonetta “fans”) will follow what I say here en masse? Of course not, but I just want to raise the possibility of an alternative for anyone that feels ‘burned’ by PG’s decision to think about buying it used and now new.

There really is no answer to “where will the used Bayonetta 2 come from if everyone buy used?” It just happens. It’s magic.


Why I think Bayonetta 2 for Wii U Exclusive is bad for me.

This is a post from a reply I made to some comments. I’d like to post it here so that everyone is clear on my stance with Nintendo.

Nintendo getting B2 as an exclusive is bad for me because it does not fit the bill of what I looked for in a console based on its last iteration known as Wii. What I looked for in a console is:

1. Lots of jRPG (Unlocalized is fine too since I can understand JP). I.e. Hyperdimension Neptunia, Atlier Series, All the Agarest Senki, NamcoBandai Tales (Vesperia, Graces F, Xillia), Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea, etc.
2. Lots of Japanese action/fighting games (like Dynasty Warriors/Samurai/Orochi Warriors, BlazeBlue, etc.)
3. Being import friendly. (PS3 Games being the most import friendly without a question).

And PS3 being able to have other old PS/PS2 classic, which holds a vast amount of jRPG as well is a huge perk. Brave Fencer Musashi was awesome!

For someone who preferred a console with the above criteria, I don’t know how any other way but to say Nintendo having B2 as an exclusive is just bad for me. Having to have an extra console $400+ to play one game is a debatable investment. Obviously, I am using Wii as a “baseline” comparison to the Wii U, but if I am looking at all the so far announced games, there is not a single jRPG announced, KT announced warriors series, but they are remakes, and Ninja Gaiden which will be Multi-platform. Do you see me going in length talking about those KT titles? No. Because they are multi-platform.

The tl;dr version: Wii U isn’t my ideal console because I like lots of jRPG, Japanese Action/Fighting games (which Bayonetta 2 falls into), and I love to import games. If the Wii U improve in all of these area, I’d more than likely be in love with it. But so far, the line-up isn’t very promising, which makes the sole reason of getting a Wii U is for Bayonetta 2. And for others like me, the Wii U is not a very sound investment.

Contempt for used game/console?

Here is a question for all the lovely readers.

What would be your reaction if I wrote “I’ll buy WiiU used and Bayonetta 2 used”, instead of “I’ll buy Wii U used and Bayonetta 2 used because I don’t want to support them.”

Would you even came here, or would this site be even noticed if it’s a site that says I will be buying the Wii U used and Bayonetta 2 used?

Are all the lovely comments made here all because of a reasoning attached to my choice of buying the console and game used, or all of you just have a genuine distaste of people buying used consoles and games?

Would love to hear from you all. And if nobody comments on this, I’d assume that all of you agreed to the above reasoning which would make an interesting topic of discussion for another time and place. A simple Yes/No would suffice. You are more than welcomed to write your thoughts too~

I apologize for not responding to all the comments

It just is too many people adoring this site, and I am very happy, but it’s just nigh impossible for me to read every single post and to respond to each one 😡 I tried to at least skim through them all to get a gist of the tone/mood of the commenter.

And I apologize for not using the best English in the world, since American education sucks. I came to the U.S. in 1999, and went to ESL classes in Sixth-grade, they didn’t teach me a lick of grammar 😡 I learned most of my English from playing Magic the Gathering with other people. Btw, a great card game! 😀

Here is something you guys may want to know:

  • My house is too small, don’t have a basement… So I can’t cry in the basement… Maybe a corner…?
  • I will have a WiiU and Bayonetta 2 (USED, EMPHASIS ADDED!)
  • I apologize you may not be able to laugh at me while you enjoy the game and I am not
  • I don’t hate Nintendo. I like Pokemon, and plans to get White/Black 2 😀
  • I don’t hate anybody for loving the Wii
  • I am not desperate for intimate relationship/physical contacts 😡 sorry.
  • I am serious about what I am going to do! (buy the console/game used!). Why not? You guys got a problem with people buying used console/games now? 😦
  • This blog contains both sincere peace of mind and some sarcasm for comedic effect so it’s more fun/angry to read.
  • I don’t like “delicious tears of gamers”. What does it even taste like?
  • I don’t get high on trolling you all. I don’t know how that actually works…

Did I miss something?

OH and btw…

Forgot to make all comments automatic approve 😡 WordPress dont’ like spams.. the default is to only allowed authors of comments that have been approved before post comments. But Now I have changed it since it’s almost impossible for ONE (12-year-old as some posters points out) to handle these couple hundreds messages by oneself.

P.S. I think a lot of people aren’t reading the blog, and just posting, that hurts me 😦 I spent a whole 10 minutes writing it up, and I hope you read it before jumping to conclusion that I won’t be buying the WiiU or the game. I DO. But just used!

Maybe I could even get a modded WiiU for… you know what 😀 Some people call this author crazy, childish, stupid, butt-hurt, or whatever. Maybe so, but it’s a matter of principle. Do I really care about that extra $100 for the system and game new? of course not. It’s the fact that I know I didn’t pay the money to PG/Nintendo for it. That’s all it matters to me. The seller may very well use it for another game, great for him/her. In the end, what it really matters, is HOW I FEEL. And that’s the only way I could see myself justify buying the system/game. A compromise I would say.

I own the Wii. I only had Tales of Symphonia: Radiant Dawn (Dawn of the New World, oops ^^;) and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Had the system for 3 years+, 2 games, spent about 50 hours in all. Was it worth all its hype? Definitely not. I sold the system, everything with the two games to a close friend for 100 bucks. I played Xenoblade and Last Story on Dolphin. They were all right. Enjoying Persona 4 Golden (imported) on the PSV very much atm.

The Wii left a bad taste in my mouth, which could be the reason, and also the fact Bayonetta 2 went exclusive. Mass Effect went to PS3 when the first one wasn’t on it, but guess what? It was still a multi-platform where the original system still had the sequel. That’s the difference. I mean nobody would of raged (or less raged like FFXIII was to go multiplat) if they said Bayonetta 2 was going to have WiiU as well as a target platform. No, that was not the case, it is to be an exclusive. See how nobody raged about COD or ME on the WiiU? Because other system still get it.

Maybe I am an ass, stupid person. If PG wanted to expand the platform, why not make it multiplatform? I know Nintendo paid for it, if PG really is out there taking of their fans, wouldn’t it be at least courtesy to outsource the port to other platform? I played the original imported PS3 copy, it had some bad frame rates, but I still managed to beat the game on the higher difficulties (not the non-stop climax, but one below it). I’d take a port over a no-port any day.

Enough of my solo talk. Let the hate/comment/flame/whatever you want to spit this way begin :D.

Exceeded my expectation.

Wow… the overwhelming number of response is amazing. Btw, all comments has been approved, not going to delete a single comment. I don’t mind the Ninty defenders, or the PG defenders, or whatever you calling me stupid.

What would I be missing out if I buy the game used? or the console used? Nothing? Ok. Looks like you guys are crying that I am playing your NINTENDO’s console, AND your EXCLUSIVE Bayonetta 2 without paying them a cent?

I’ll be playing this game and enjoy it if it’s a good, PG/Nintendo just isn’t gonna be getting a cent from my enjoyment of their property, while saving a few $$ for a burger or something.


Here is what you can use to retort people defending Bayonetta 2 on WiiU Exclusive

Against those Ninty defenders that use “WiiU is getting hardcore games and you people complaint?”

1. You probably never even played the first Bayonetta.
2. Why are you even concerned about this game? Nobody is bashing the WiiU console, we are talking about the game, you probably don’t even play these type of games.
3. Nobody buys a Nintendo console to play DMC/God of War/Assassin’s Creed

Against those people that says “Be thankful that the game is being made at all because SEGA Dumped it”

1. It was just a rumor, nobody ever confirmed it.
2. You think SONY or Microsoft wouldn’t want this game as their platform exclusive? 2 million combine sales is no slouch for a new unique IP. The facts is Bayonetta 2 wasn’t even offered to anybody else, and most likely SEGA/PG just went to Nintendo and took the first buyer. Btw, it wasn’t PG’s decision alone to go to Nintendo, SEGA played a part in that too.

There, hope these helps you in your little cyber warfare you are fighting in a certain cyber space 😀