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Here is what you can use to retort people defending Bayonetta 2 on WiiU Exclusive

Against those Ninty defenders that use “WiiU is getting hardcore games and you people complaint?”

1. You probably never even played the first Bayonetta.
2. Why are you even concerned about this game? Nobody is bashing the WiiU console, we are talking about the game, you probably don’t even play these type of games.
3. Nobody buys a Nintendo console to play DMC/God of War/Assassin’s Creed

Against those people that says “Be thankful that the game is being made at all because SEGA Dumped it”

1. It was just a rumor, nobody ever confirmed it.
2. You think SONY or Microsoft wouldn’t want this game as their platform exclusive? 2 million combine sales is no slouch for a new unique IP. The facts is Bayonetta 2 wasn’t even offered to anybody else, and most likely SEGA/PG just went to Nintendo and took the first buyer. Btw, it wasn’t PG’s decision alone to go to Nintendo, SEGA played a part in that too.

There, hope these helps you in your little cyber warfare you are fighting in a certain cyber space 😀