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Bayonetta 2 Lifetime Sales in Japan… probably less than 60K

So… week 2 sales has been posted by Japanese trackers…. 6,970 copies sold in the week after the first “2 days.” Like I’ve said before, the first week number (even if it’s just 2-3 days of sales data) is a good enough indicator on how the game will do overall, but some of you seems to not understand. Now after a full week, it didn’t do much better did it? At this pace, the game will probably end up with Lifetime sales of less than 60K in Japan… a number pathetic even compared to Bayo 1’s Xbox360 number…

Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2014/10/01/week-sales-2/#X9PZu85lmDPoP3uj.99


Bayonetta 2 Japan First Week Sold-through Rate, 67%

Hahaha… Oh the misery never ends for this. 67% of its shipment? This means, if 38,282 is 67% of the shipment, there are only around 58,000 copies shipped lol. Which means that the game is going to have life time total less than Bayo 1’s XBOX 360 sales alone rofl.


Bayonetta 2 JP week opening sales 38,828

In contrast…

The original Bayonetta sold 135,242 copies on PlayStation 3 and 64,325 copies on Xbox 360 in its opening week in Japan.
Read more at http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/24/week-sales-ouch-bayonetta-2/#5BTQtgZEHBMrsbIT.99
Lol… sold less than a game on the XBOX 360. ’nuff said. 😀